Mveine commented on Respect everyone, fear no one

Dear Coach,

I 100% agree with the need to respect and care for each other always. This pandemic is trying everyone and is revealing the areas we shine and also, sadly, where we fall short.

In clarification to your fine article I would like to post this article from the Washing…


Mveine commented on Covid inconsistencies

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

There is no inconsistency if you go to the contemporary comments and context of the March statement- In early March the transmission method was not well understood (remember cleaning boxes and groceries?). It wasn't until April 3rd that the CDC reversed that and re…


Mveine commented on Caring is Essential

Thank you for your kindness and the bravery of the staff for caring for others in this dangerous time. God bless you all.


Thank you for protecting us and risking your lives to do so! Your service is invaluable.


Mveine commented on Masks and other divisions

Sorry Mr. Maxner, this is nonsense and dangerous nonsense at that. Masks help prevent the wearer from spraying aerosol droplets that can remain airborne and protect the people around you.

A World Government conspiracy is ridiculous- we are a world of competing Nation States that for…


Mveine commented on Time to step up

Respectfully I wish to counter this "narrative" about Vote by Mail.

We border on Oregon which has successfully voted by mail since 1981!

There are zero examples of any voter fraud by this method that is greater than fraud in Absentee Voting or In Person Voting. Voter fraud has…