The following represents the All-League selections from the Division II, White Pine League Football League as selected by the Coaches from Deary, Kendrick, Timberline, and Lewis County football teams.

White Pine League Boys’ Football – Division 2 Fall 2019 All-League Team:

Coach of the Year: Zane Hobart, Kendrick

Player of the Year: Chase Burke, Kendrick

Offensive Player of the Year: Alex Sneve, Kendrick

Defensive Player of the Year: Donald Morgan, Kendrick

First Team

QB-Alex Sneve, Sr, Kendrick

RB-Chase Burke, Sr, Kendrick

RB-Cooper Hewett, Sr, Kendrick

RB-Andrew Anderson, Sr, Timberline

RB-Brendan Nelson, Sr, Lewis County

WR-Connor Morris, Sr, Lewis County

WR-Talon Alexander, Jr, Kendrick

G-Donald Morgan, Jr, Kendrick

G-Jaron Christopherson, Soph, Timberline

G-Nick Winter, Sr, Deary

DB-Alex Sneve, Sr, Kendrick

DB-Talon Alexander, Jr, Kendrick

DB-Connor Morris, Sr, Lewis County

DB-Brayden Stapleton, Jr, Deary

LB-Chase Burke, Sr, Kendrick

LB-Cooper Hewett, Sr, Kendrick

LB-Chase Hunter, Jr, Timberline

LB-Maison Anderson, Soph, Kendrick

DE-Kolby Anderson, Soph, Kendrick

DT-Jaron Christopherson, Soph, Timberline

DT-Donald Morgan, Jr, Kendrick

DT-Brendan Nelson, Sr, Lewis County

Honorable Mention

Matt Fletcher, Jr, Kendrick

Ty Hambly, Fr, Lewis County

Rylan Larson, Jr, Timberline

Preston Johnston, Jr, Deary

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