Wallace-Kellogg didn’t give up an inch. Neither did Orofino-Pierce.

The top two clubs in the Camas Prairie Trap Shoot both fired perfect 75s in the fifth week of competition Sunday as Wallace-Kellogg protected its slim lead with an overall 373 score. Orofino-Pierce stands at 372.75 halfway through the 10-week shoot.

Hermiston also submitted a flawless score to climb a spot into third, with early leader Hermiston slipping to fourth with a 73.

Indian Valley, tied for 15th, also delivered a 75.


Week 5 results

Overall team scores — Wallace/Kellogg 373.00, Orofino-Pierce 372.75, Hermiston 372.00, Culdesac 370.23, Wenatchee 370.00, Boise 369.00, Grangeville 367.80, Troy-Deary 365.64, Colton 365.34, Malden-Pine 364.25, Cottonwood 363.90, Nezperce 363.00, White Bird 361.00, Garfield 360.30, Indian Valley 360.00, Winchester 360.00, Pomeroy 360.00, Walla Walla 358.50, Kamiah 354.00; Caldwell 351.00, St. Maries 350.00, Bonners Ferry 345.00, Endicott 345.00.

Results from

around the region

Cottonwood: 73.20 49 Shooters. Sunny; 25-Scott Jungert, Paul Forsman; 24-Darrel Uhlorn, Clint Reiner, Andy Uhlorn, Steven Baerlocher, Samantha North, Carson Forsman

Culdesac: 73.33 85 Shooters; Cold. 25 –Corey Long, Wayne MCulley, Johnny Weeks, Will Anderson; 24-Jim Adams, Henry Filipponi, John Helpman, Aaron Ruckman, Mark Swanson

Grangeville: 74.50 58 Shooters; Cloudy. 25-Bob Aiken, Josh Brandsford, Cody Vrieling, Keb Slabach, Bill McMahon; 24-Pepper, Harman, Brian Lorentz, roy Schumacher, Jeremy Harris, Morgan Drew, Matt Prewett, Shawn Wolter

Kamiah: 72.00 23 Shooters; Overcast. 24- Gerry Davis, Dave Woods, Brad Schaff

Nezperce: 74.00 22 Shooters; Chilly- 25-Bob Ingles, Dan Thompson; 24- Bill Hansen, Rich Berry, Johnathan Rosenau

Orofino-Pierce: 75.00 35 Shooters; Cloud/Calm. 25 –Tom Martress, Sonny Lage, Jeremiah and Amy Powers

Troy-Deary: 73.13 81 Shooters; Cold; 25-Tanner Gray, Ed Johnson, Casey Strong; 24- Doug hays, Wyatt Johnson, Logan Lee, Mike Meyers, James Nasados, Adam Palmer, James Snook, Dan McKenzie.

White Bird: 74.00 23 Shooters; Cloudy. 25-, Craig Wood, Shane Paul; 24-Dave Cook

Winchester: 74.00 25-Michael brannan, Jake Rowland; 24- Jared Arnzen, Monty Moddrell, Roger Riggers


Overall team scores — Orofino-Pierce 357, Troy-Deary 345, Hermiston 343, Wallace-Kellogg 336, Caldwell 336, Bonners Ferry 332, Culdesac 326, Cottonwood 325, Grangeville 323, Pomeroy 321, Garfield 303; Walla Walla 298, Kamiah 271, Malden-Pine 263, Nezperce 196, Wenatchee 187, White Bird 181, Endicott 161, Colton 128, Boise 41, Winchester 23.

Cottonwood: 69 24-Carson Forsman; 23-Eli Goeckner; 22-Ben Gehring

Culdesac: 67 23-Wyatt Stevens; 22- Samantha Bomar, Sam Presnell

Grangeville: 62 22- Wyatt Aiken; 21- Taylor Brandsford; 19- Cody Aiken

Kamiah: 55 21-Dallon Roberts; 20-Toddy Roberts; 14-Brady Cox

Nezperce: 38 19-Colton Thompson, Morgan Wemhoff

Orofino-Pierce: 70 24-Steven Bradbury, Brayden Turcott; 22-Alex Powers, Bruce Bradley.

White Bird: 47 20-Trayven Sickels; 15-Kaycen Sickels; 12-Payje Sickels

Winchester: 11 11 Kobe Droegmiller

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