Last Saturday, June 29, the Red, White and Boots 4H-Horse club from Clearwater County drove their horses to the big event - the Clearwater and Nezperce County horse show.

After practicing and preparing for this big day, we were ready to present the results of the hard work with our horses in front of the judge. Our horses, having been washed and groomed to look their best, were ready too. We all learned a lot and also had a blast chatting and laughing together with our horses.

MaKadee – the Shooting Star

MaKadee Larson started riding horses last fall, with her horse Pistol, an older, gentle gelding. Doing the 4H-Ranch horse project, she began her horse adventure. At the 4H Horse show she did amazingly well. She won Overall Grand Champion in showmanship as a junior, ahead of all intermediates and seniors and this being her first 4H-Horse show, sending everyone in the club high-fiving her. But prizes didn’t matter as much as something else, the fun. MaKadee and Pistol never slowed down and proved to be a great team.

Ella G. - the Trusting

Ella Goetz believed in her horse, when no one else really did. Gray, an older gelding once foundered and almost had to be put to sleep. And everyone thought he wasn’t really usable any more, but Ella saw Gray with a different eye. On Saturday at the show, she proved that Gray still is a great horse by winning Overall Reserve Champion in Showmanship as well as multiple awards in the Gymkhana games. Ella and Gray are a great team and certainly proved it!

Ava - starting a new adventure with Mouse

Ava Goetz has started her 4H year with a new horse partner - Mouse. After having Ahab for years, he was retired. Mouse is a young, less experienced Quarter Horse gelding. Ahab liked to go fast, Mouse does not. When Ahab found it fun to lope and run, Mouse’s strength is beauty. Ava has worked hard with Mouse to find his gas pedal. At this show she proved, she had found it and showed they are a great team. Mouse now has a working gas pedal and Ava has learned and proved, she knows how to use it! Ava took a step back knowing she couldn’t get a blue ribbon and rode her horse two handed because she knew Mouse wasn’t ready for one handed riding yet. She showed Mouse, she puts the partnership before the ribbons.

Jenna the Brave

Jenna Smathers was the only girl, who wasn’t a little shy around Misty, a huge dark brown mare. Misty was sometimes stubborn, but Jenna never let fear get a hold of her. She pushed through any problems in her way to success. And was always smiling and proud of her horse. Jenna is definitely the bravest one in our club.

Ella B. - the always Kind

Ella Beardin gave up her gymnastics career, to spend more time with Renny, her gentle pony mare. She’s not a fan of going to horse shows. She’d rather be riding down a trail. But she came with us, to fight for ribbons and to show her skills. Together with Alia, Ella represented our club in the costume class. She and Renny dressed up for a beach party. After the costume class Ella also had a lot of fun with Renny competing in the Gymkhana games. We love having her in our team - always sweet and with eyes that never stop smiling!

Alia and Birds Lopes-a-Lot aka Lots

Alia Coil Dafoe and Lots have known each other for a long time. In the costume class they were dressed up for a slumber party in the barn. Alia and Lots were both in pajamas with big smiles on their faces. Their costume was creative, so together they achieved their blue ribbon. Alia and Lots would rather play tag at liberty in the pasture, but the fun they had in the costume contest was sure comparable - together in pajamas, it doesn’t get more fun than that. And that might be a great idea for a club meeting too - Red, White and Boots pajama party at the barn!

And myself - Jil and her Foxaloosa

This year I didn’t receive as many ribbons as last year, but Ravian and I achieved something much more important - we became partners! When I got Ravian all I could do on her was sit and be led around, I couldn’t even catch her. Last year at the 4H show was the first time she really wanted to trot for me. This spring again she didn’t let me get on, flinching her entire body when anyone would touch her. And now? We found out she was suffering from ulcers and with Doc Wolverton advise we have them under control. Ravian and I found the joy in our partnership and our love for loping.

The Red, White and Boots - MaKadee, the shooting star, Ella G. - the Trusting, Ava - the Loping, Jenna- the Brave, Ella B. - the Kind, Alia - the costume queen and me, Jil - the crazy nerd!

And now, in case you were wondering, here are everyone’s results from the show:

Showmanship - Alia: red, Ava: blue, Ella B.: blue, Ella G.:

Junior and Overall Reserve Champion, Jenna: red, Jil: blue, MaKadee: Junior and Overall Grandchampion Bareback: Jil: blue.

Western equitation: Alia: white, Ava: red, Ella B.: red, Ella G.:

Junior Reserve Champion: Jil: red, MaKadee: Junior Reserve Champion English equitation: Ava: Intermediate Champion, Jil: Intermediate Reserve Champion.

Trail: Alia: red, Ava: blue, Ella B.: white, Ella G.: Junior Champion, Jil: red, MaKadee: Junior Reserve Champion.

Costume: Alia: blue, Ella B.: blue.

Gymkhana games - pole bending Juniors: MaKadee: 1st, Ella G.: 2nd, Ella B.: 3rd;

Figure 8 Juniors: MaKadee 1st, Ella G.: 2nd, Ella B.: 4th, Intermediate: Ava 5th;

Key race: Juniors: Ella G.: 1st, MaKadee: 2nd, Ella B.: 4th, Intermediate: Ava: 5th;

Flag race: Juniors: Ella G.: 1st, MaKadee: 2nd, Ella B. 4th, Intermediate: Ava: 4th;

Texas Barrels: Juniors: MaKadee: 1st, Ella G.: 2nd, Intermediate: Ava: 6th place.

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