Steel Shoot

Shown (l to r) are: Jeremiah Powers, Dusty Powers, Jason Illing, Donita Powers, Cori Blare, Caleb Marshall, Kevin Schmidt and David Powers.

Little Canyon Shooting, Peck, just held two preliminary long range metal shooting competitions in preparation for the championship shoot held on May 19. This shoot had a prize table worth well over $5000.

All competitions are shot on two very competitive metal target ranges. The small game range (200 to 600 yards) starts off with a two inch target at 200 and 300 yards and works up to a twelve inch target at 600 yards while the big game range (400 to 1300 yards) starts off at 400 yards with a “know your limit” target consisting of two 2” targets, two 4” targets and one 6” target and works up to a thirty inch target at 1300 yards-all swinging metal targets.

Winners of the first shoot on April 20 and 21 were: Overall – David Power; Men-small game-Jamie Oliver; big game-Donita Powers; Youth-small game-Carsen Bowman; big game-Branden Turcott; Hunter-small game-Darrell Howard and big game-Jason Illing

Winners of the second shoot on May 4 and 5 were: Overall-Kevin Schmidt; Men-small game-Paul Gilmore; big game-David Powers; Women-small game-Cori Blake; big game-Donita Powers; Youth-small game-James McCarthy; big game-Caleb Marshall; Hunter-small game-Jason Illing and big game-Jerimiah Powers

Bob Proctor Memorial Champion Shoot May 19

Overall-Dusty Power; Men-small game-Kevin Schmidt; big game-David Powers; Women-small game-Cori Blake, big game-Donita Powers; Youth-small game-Caleb Marshall; big game-Branden Turcott; Hunter-small game-Jason Illing and big game-Jeremiah Powers.

Sponsors of the championship shoot were: Nightforce-Orofino, Les Schwab-Orofino, Guns Gone Crazy-Meridian, Ace Hardware-Kamiah, Precision Hardcore Gear-Lewiston and Defiance Actions-Montana.

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