During the third week tournaments on Nov. 9, the youth wrestlers of Orofino were able to gain 23 medals.

Group 1

39 lbs. William Peterson 2nd.; 44.6 lbs. Blake Stuart 2nd.

Group 2

45.2 lbs. Carson Paul 3rd.; 46.2 lbs. Warren Peterson 3rd.; 47.8 lbs. Blake Bushey 2nd.; 51.4 lbs. AJ Waters 1st,; Dylan Summers 3rd.; 52 lbs. Riggins Tondevold 2nd.; 53.8 lbs. Troy Gamble 1st.; 55.6 lbs. Ryker McIntosh 1st.; 57.8 lbs. Cameron Kessinger 1st.; Theodore Peterson 3rd.; 62 lbs. Kaysen McHaffie 2nd.

Group 3

72 lbs. Adam Rasmussen 1st.; 79.6 lbs. Lane Turcott 1st.

Group 4

72.2 lbs. Hunter Gamble 2nd.; 78.3 lbs. Kaleb Kessinger 2nd.; 86.2 lbs. Sawyer Barnett 2nd.; 102.2 lbs. Corbin Dailey 2nd.; 110.8 lbs. Raymond Starrs 2nd.

Group 5

107.8 lbs. Lindi Kessinger 2nd.; 146.2 lbs. Destiny Stifanick 3rd.

Group 6

87.4 lbs. Reagan Kessinger 2nd.

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