The Gun Club had a good turn out on the March 27, .22 rifle shoot, with about 20 shooters. The weather was almost warm, but the wind was blowing. We had shooters from northern Idaho shoot again. Everyone had a good time. The next 22 long rifle shoot will be on April 24.

25 Yard Class:

Base class-Men

Tie-First: Jack Kelly 250 15X; Tie-Second: Jim Nesados 250 15X; Tie-Third: Chris Kimberlin 250 15x.

Base class-Women

First-Cori Blake 250 19X; Second-Donna Kelly 240 5X; Third-Sue Anderson 230 7X.

Open Class: Men

First-Mike Powers 250 24X; Second-David Powers 250 22X; Third- Jack Kelly 250 20X.


First-Amy Powers 250 25X; Second-Donita Powers 250 18X.


First Alex Powers 250 21X.

50 Yard Class:

Base class-Men

First-Jed Anderson 248 7X; Second-Jack Kelly 242 1X; Third-Jim Nasados 231 4X.


First-Cori Blake 237 4x; Second-Sue Anderson 196.

Open class-Men

First-Mike Powers 250 12X; Second-David Powers 249 16X; Third-Jack Kelly 244 6X.


First- Amy Powers 248 4X;

Second Dona Powers 245 5X.


First -Alex Powers 247 6x.

100 Yard

Base class-Men

First-Jed Anderson 175 1X; Second-Jim Nasados 167 1X.


First-Cori Blake 121.

Open Class


First-David Powers 196 4X; Second-Shawn Carlock 179; Third-Mike Powers 167.


Amy Powers 196 2X; Donita Powers 174 2X.


First- Alex Powers.

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