Orofino Pierce Gun Club

Orofino/Pierce Gun Club members compete at the club’s first 22LR rifle competition Aug. 22.

The Orofino/Pierce Gun Club had their first 22LR rifle competition on Saturday, Aug. 22. More than a dozen shooters tested their skills. Everyone had a good time and are looking forward to next spring when the competitions will be held once a month through the summer.

Five shooters each earned perfect scores of 250. The ties were broken by counting the x-ring shot, a 1/16” dot in the center of the target.

Winners are:

25 yards open class:

First: Chris Kimberlin-250-16x.

Base class:

First-David Powers-250-13x; Second was a tie: Jack Kelly-250-11x; Chris Anderson-250-14x.

Women’s Class:

First: Donita Powers-250-14x; Second-Donna Kelly-230.

50 yards-Base Class:

First-David Powers-247; Second-Jack Kelly-250

Women’s Class:

First: Donita Powers-238

The Club also had a fun shoot at 120 yards, shooting at a 4 inch metal disc. After a lot of shooting, Todd Bohnet, from Wilson Creek, WA, was successful and won.

A big thank you to the people that helped make this competition happen.

In mid-September, the gun club will be open to the public for use to site-in hunting rifles. Details forthcoming.

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