The Orofino Junior High Girls track team traveled to a 12 team track meet on April 22, at the Lapwai High School track.

The Orofino Junior High Girls team had 23 personal best performances to help the girls have a good day.

The final team scores of the meet was Orofino 147, Logos 107.5, Kamiah 87, Lapwai 76.5, Grangeville 76, Prairie 68, Clearwater Valley 24.75, Timberline (Pierce/Weippe) 18, Nez Perce 12.5, Culdesac 9 and Highland (Craigmont) 5.75. The following are Orofino Junior High Girls track meet results:

100 Meter Dash: Lillian Fledmann 15.37, Destiny Stifanick-Galo 15.93, Ava Goetz 16.71, Ashley Ott 17.28, Gloria Johnson 17.91;

200 Meter Dash: First Coli Nazari 30.82, Sady Olive 38.50, Gloria Johnson 40.75;

400 Meter Dash: Third Livia Johnson 1:12.44, Gloria Johnson 1:42.71;

800 Meter Run: Ella Beardin 3:11.51;

1600 Meter Run: Ella Beardin 6:39.18

75 Meter Hurdles: First Reagan Kessinger 13.78, 3rd Daizy Nelson 15.01 Jocelyn Josephson 16.58;

200 Meter Hurdles: First Daizy Nelson 33.18, Second Holly Hill 33.27;

400 Meter Relay: First 58.36 (Coli Nazari, Holly Hill, Lillian Feldmann and Daizy Nelson) 1:06.96 (Ava Goetz, Destiny Stifanick-Galo, Jocelyn Josephson and Adison Standridge;

800 Meter Relay: First 2:06.25 (Livia Johnson, Coli Nazari, Ella Beardin and Reagan Kessinger); Medley Relay: 2:27.89 (Lillian Feldmann, Ashley Ott, Coli Nazari and Adison Standridge);

Shot Put: Reagan Kessinger 27-05, Livia Johnson 25-07.5, Ava Goetz 23-05, Sady Olive 19-02;

Discus: Livia Johnson 62-02, Ava Goetz 56-04, Sady Olive 42-00;

High Jump: First Holly Hill 4-08;

Pole Vault: Third Jocelyn Josephson 5-00;

Long Jump: First Daizy Nelson 13-04, Second Holly Hill 13-03.5, Lillian Feldmann 10-02;

Triple Jump: First Reagan Kessinger 28-11.5, Ella Beardin 25-05 and Jocelyn Josephson 24-02.

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