The Orofino Junior High Boys track team traveled to an 11 team track meet on April 30, at the Kamiah High School track. The Orofino boys were victorious as they ran, jumped and threw their way to the team title. A new 8th grade boy’s record was set in the 1600 Meter Relay with the team of Alex Powers, Seger Pettingill, James Moore, and Cory Godwin setting a new record time of 3:39.66a. The old record of 4:00.74c was set in 1983 and relay team members were Tom Wargi, Doug Lambrecht, Dave Schwartz, and Jeff Farley.

The overall 1600 Meter Boys Relay Record was set in 2017 and was set by the team that consisted of 7th grader Kaleb Glaze and 8th graders Thor Kessinger, Joe Sparano, and Brayden Turcott with a time of 3:54.24c.

The final team scores of the meet were: Orofino 220, Kamiah 159, Kendrick 57, Grangeville 52, Prairie 39, Timberline (Pierce/Weippe) 31, Nez Perce 25, Highland (Craigmont) 19, Clearwater Valley 14, Lapwai 13, and Culdesac 6.

The following are Orofino Junior High Boys track meet results: 100 Meter Dash: 1st-Cory Godwin 12.24a, 3rd-James Moore 12.55a, 4th-Seger Petengill 12.83a, 6th-John Dafoe 13.09a, 8th-Joel Sneddon 13.26a; 200 Meter Dash: 1st-Cory Godwin 25.62a, 3rd-John Dafoe 26.92a, 4th-Seger Pettengill 27.13a; 75 Meter Hurdles: 2nd-Tryston Erbst 13.35a, 5th-Ryne Waggener 14.20a; 200 Meter Hurdles: 2nd-Ryne Waggener 33.60a, 6th-Aiden Olive 34.80a; 400 Meter Relay: 1st-Orofino (Seger Pettingill, Ryder Cram, Tucker Malloy, Alex Powers) 53.90a, 4th-Orofino (Tim Short, Sam Fisher, Tanner East, Aiden Olive) 57.22, 5th-Orofino (Drew Hanna, Dash Barlow, Tryston Erbst, Loudan Cochran) 58.31a; 800 Meter Relay: 1st-Orofino (Tanner East, Ryder Cram, Tucker Malloy, Alex Powers) 1:51.76a; 1600 Meter Relay: 1st-Orofino (Alex Powers, Seger Pettengill, James Moore, Cory Godwin) 3:59.66a (New Orofino Junior High 8th Grade Boys Record) (Old 8th Grade Boys Record was set in 1983 by the team of Tom Wargi, Doug Lambrecht, Dave Schwartz, Jeff Farley with a time of 4:00.74c); Medley Relay: 2nd-Orofino (Ryne Waggener, Joel Sneddon, Loudan Cochran, Trystan Erbst) 2:03.73; Shot Put: 1st--Joel Sneddon 41’ 08”, 2nd-John Dafoe 33’ 01”, 6th-Aiden Olive 28’ 07”; Discus: 2nd-Joel Sneddon 96’ 03”, 6th-John Dafoe 84’ 11.5”, 7th-Aiden Olive 81’ 00.5”; High Jump: 2nd-Tucker Malloy 4’ 10”, 3rd-James Moore 4’ 10”, 6th-Tanner East 4’ 06”; Pole Vault: 1st-James Moore 9’ 06”, 2nd-Elijah Ortega 8’ 06”, 5th-Ryne Waggener 7’ 00”, 6th-Tanner Johnson 6’ 00”; Long Jump: 1st-Cory Godwin 17’ 11”, 4th-Loudan Cochran 15’ 01”, 7th-Tucker Malloy 14’ 07”; Triple Jump: 1st-Loudan Cochran 33’ 11”, 3rd-Ryder Cram 29’ 10”.

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