The Orofino Junior High 7th-8th Grade Boys track team finished off the 2021 track season undefeated by placing 1st in the 7th-8th Grade boys division of the YMCA middle school invitational track meet held at Centennial High School track in Boise, Idaho on June 5, 2021. The boys had 5 first place performances and 17 personal performance best in helping the team to 1st place. The Orofino 7th-8th grade boys highlights were bringing home a total of 15 medals. This meet required that you have qualifying marks/times to be able to participate in the meet. Orofino had 9 boy athletes that chose to participate in this meet and they were JD Ellis, Jameson Endicott, Malakai Forbes, Maddox Lichti, Aiden Olive, Garrett Sanders, Leland Simmons, Wyatt Tomlinson, and Gage Trieschmann. Special thanks go out to all the family and friends who traveled to Boise to support all the athletes in this special year ending track meet.

There were 47 teams/unattached participating in the 7th-8th grade boys meet and the final team scores were: Orofino 103.5, Rocky Mountain (Idaho Falls, Id) 40, Nampa Christian (Nampa, Id) 40, Filer 38, Aundre Dabne-Unattached 30, Tri-Valley (Midvale, Id) 24, Greenleaf Academy (Greenleaf, Id) 20, Snake River (Blackfoot, Id) 20, Garden Valley 18, Liberty Charter (Nampa, Id) 14, Victory Charter (Nampa, Id) 12, Adrian, Oregon 11, Rigby 11, Gabriel Cox-Unattached 10, Maxim Beeler-Unattached 10, Oakley 9, Hyrum Tuft-Unattached 9, Korbyn Pfaft-Unattached 8, Kimberly 7, Malad 7, Lighthouse Christian (Twin Falls, Id) 6, Valley Flash (Spokane Valley, Wa.) 6, Dawson Brothers-Unattached 5.5, Raft River 5, Harper, Oregon 5, Council 5, Sage Valley (Vallivue, Id) 5, Payton Lara-Unattached 5, Kody Biggs-Unattached 4, North Star Charter (Eagle, Id) 4, Joseph Miraya-Unattached 4, Kenyon Brothers-Unattached 4, Council 3, Kai Forde-Unattached 3, Jack Tobin-Unattached 3, Idaho Dash Track 2, Ahmi Brothers-Unattached 2, Meadows Valley 1, Aiden Ames-Unattached 1, Rockland 0, Glenns Ferry 0, Camas County (Fairfield, Id) 0, St. Edward’s Catholic 0, Runar Doskeland-Unattached 0, Jeremiah Bazan-Unattached 0, Lucas Roberts-Unattached 0, Keegan Richmond-Unattached 0,

The Orofino Junior High 7th-8th Grade Boys results of this meet are as follows: 100 Meter Dash: 3rd-Aiden Olive 12.81; 200 Meter Dash: 3rd-Aiden Olive 25.81; 400 Meter Dash: 8th-Jameson Endicott 1:04.01; 100 Meter Hurdles: 1st-Aiden Olive 15.71, 4th-Malakai Forbes 18.61, 6th-JD Ellis 19.12; Shot Put: 1st-Aiden Olive 40’ 05”, 2nd-Maddox Lichti 37’ 00”; Discus: 1st-Maddox Lichti 126’ 08”; High Jump: 4th-Gage Trieschmann 5’ 02”; Pole Vault: 1st-Garrett Sanders 9’ 00”, 2nd-Malakai Forbes 8’ 0”, 3rd-Leland Simmons 7’ 00”, 6th-Jameson Endicott 6’ 00”; Long Jump: 1st-JD Ellis 17’ 03”.

Luke Dafoe was the only boy that qualified from Orofino that chose to participate in the 6th Grade Boys division and brought home 3 place medals. The Orofino 6th grade boys results of the track meet are as follows: Shot Put: 4th-Luke Dafoe 25’ 09”; Discus: 4th-Luke Dafoe 55’ 01.5”, Triple Jump: 4th-Luke Dafoe 25’ 06”.

There were 14 teams/unattached participating and the final team scores of the 6th Grade boys meet were: Nampa Christian (Nampa, Id) 82, Malad 44, Harper, Oregon 31, Kimberly 28, Sage Valley (Vallivue, Id) 27, Idaho Dash Track 25, Adrian (Or) 21, Tri-Valley (Midvale, Id) 19, Tatteham Burnham-Unattached 18, Orofino 15, Meadows Valley 11, Aiden Froehlich-Unattached 10, Garrett Rogers-Unattached 8, Snake River 6.

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