The Lady Maniacs won a 2A Central Idaho League game against Kamiah/CV at Kamiah on Tuesday, April 20. Orofino’s Kaycee Hudson had two home runs and a double in the opening game of a doubleheader.


Orofino (11)88—27 20 0

Kamiah/CV 000—0 0 3

Kaycee Hudson and Molly Madden. Ketola and Morrow.

Orofino hits — Riley Schwartz 2 (2B), Mylie Zenner 2, Jaelyn Miller, Hudson 3 (2B, 2 HR), Peyton Cochran 4 (2B, 3B), Madden 2 (HR), Hannah Miller 3 (3B, 2B), Emma Province 3 (HR).


Orofino 983 7—27 18 1

Kamiah/CV 123 0—6 2 3

Schwartz, Hudson (4) and Dayna Maetche. Farnham and Breeding.

Orofino hits — Schwartz 4 (2B), Zenner 2 (2B), J. Miller, Hudson, Cochran 3, Katie Wetmore, Maetche 2, Meg’n Blundell 2, Madison Corder, Tatum Tillie 2, Province.

Kamiah/CV hits — Tavernier, Martinez.

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