With winter finally showing in Clearwater County the Orofino/Pierce Gun Club turned in their worst score of the season in the Camas Prairie 10 Week Shoot season and fell into third place as the season reaches the midpoint.

However, the Junior shooters from the club seem to be gathering momentum, led by Alex Powers who posted a 24 and have moved up 3 spots to fifth place. The club enjoyed seeing the Junior membership climb by two more this last weekend with 14 Juniors in all shooting Sunday.

This past week the club learned that they were successful in their request for a grant from the NRA that enables the Juniors to shoot their first two rounds every Sunday for free. If you have a child interested in trying out this sport, please bring them to the gun club any Sunday of the next five weeks.


25- Tom Martress

24- Mike Martress, Eric Freeth, Sonny Lage, Levi Bradley, Doug Philpot, and Amy Powers

23- Rip Remen, Corby Finke, Jack Kelly, and Dave Powers

Ladies: Amy Powers 24, Donita Powers 19, Tess Bradley, 17, and Kamryn Turcott 14

Juniors- Alex Powers 24, JD McCarthy and Justice Craig 23, Bruce Bradley 33, Johnathan Wicks 20, Clayton Larsen 19, George Bolling 18, Geoff Nelson 17, Steven Bradbury 15, Brayden Turcott and Kamryn Turcott 14, Kai Naranj 11, Gavin Ehlinger 9, and Keith Bradley 7


23- Bob Zinn, Tom Martress, and Amy Powers

22-JA McCarthy, Mike Martress, Corby Finke, and Tess Bradley

21- Rory Martress, Levi Bradley, Joe Eichert, and Doug Philpot

Doubles: Eric Freeth and Jeff Wicks 40, Levi Bradley 39, Mike Powers 38, Sonny Lage 37

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