Orofino/Pierce Gun Club had two of their Junior shooters open the day with perfect scores prompting the veteran shooters to follow suit enabling the club to post a perfect 75 in the fourth week of the Camas Prairie 10 Week Shot. Junior shooters Clayton Larsen and Brayden Turcott lead the way to a perfect day moving the club into second place behind the club from Wallace/Kellogg trailing by only one quarter of a bird. Not only did Larsen and Turcott propel the clubs over all standing they helped open up the lead in the Junior rankings leading the second place team from Troy/Deary by 12 birds. With the continued improvement by the Junior members the club hopes to make a run at this years title.


25 - Clayton Larsen, Brayden Turcott, Bob Zinn, Dave Powers, Larry Turcott, Jack Kelly, and Eric Freeth, 24 - Jim McCarthy and Mike Powers, 23 - JD McCarthy, Tom Martress, Bill Feldspausch, Rip Remen, Sonny Lage, Mike Clay, Herb Hazen, Fenton Freeman, and Bruce Bradley.


Donita Powers and Amy Powers - 20 and Kamryn Turcott -17.


Clayton Larsen and Braydeb Turcott – 25, JD McCarthy and Bruce Bradley – 23; Alex Powers and Steven Bradbury – 22, Kamryn Turcott and Johnathan Wicks – 17, Cutter Price - 14, Gavin Ehlinger - 11, and Hunter Litke - 9


24 - Sonny Lage, Jim Nasados, Rip Remen, and Dave Powers, 23 - Fenton Freeman, 22 - Craig Marvin, Bob Zinn, and Jeremiah Powers.


Sonny Lage - 44, Rip Remen, Jeff Wicks, and Levi Bradley - 42, Eric Freeth - 41, Bob Zinn and Mike Powers - 40.

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