Men’s Game

Emerald Hutchins 226; Bob Grubb 214, 205; Vince Frazier 213; Mike Miller 212; Shane Harris 210; Robbie Lashly 204.

Women’s Games

Donna Wilson 189; Patsy Greber 178; Fran Harvey 173, 170; Lorrayne Kennedy 172; Pat Dierks 171.

Women’s Series

Donna Wilson 503; Fran Harvey 477.

Splits Men

Jeff Greene 2-7; Scott Greene 3-6-7-10.

Splits Women

Loretta Allen 3-10; Donna Bonner 3-7-10; Linnea Duberowski 9-10; Patsy Greber 3-10; Kathy Larsen 5-6, 2-8.

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