Men’s Games

Mone Tuikolovatu 258, 231, 223; David Hickle 229; Shane Harris 222, 216; Manuel Hickle 222; Emerald Hutchins 214, 203; Tom Upton 212, 204; Mike Paul 212; Dustin Prall 211; Bill Allen 204; Bill Miller 201.

Women’s Games

Jillian Hickle 222, 192; Mallory Hickle 203, 181; Patsy Greber 178; Jamie Hickle 177; Loretta Allen 170; Elata Hutchins 170.

Men’s Series

Monte Tuikolovatu 712; Shane Harris 607; Emerald Hutchins 607.

Women’s Series

Jillian Hickle 574; Mallory Hickle 521; Jamie Hickle 492; Fran Harvey 482; Loretta Allen 477.

Men’s Splits

Eric Barger 6-7-10; Emerald Hutchins 3-6-7-10; Carl Miller 2-7; Mani Tuikolovatu 2-4-10.

Women’s Splits

Olivia Dietz 2-7 x2; Patsy Grever 6-7-10; Dusti Howell 7-9; Kelley Moody 3-10; Misty Tolman 4-5-8-10; Judy Watson 3-10.

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