The Orofino/Pierce Gun Club kicked off the first Sunday of the 2022 Camas Prairie 10 Week Shoot in a four-way tie for second place behind the Boise Gun Club by one bird. The club started out strong with two perfect scores of 25 in the first squad but were unable to muster anything more than a 24 the rest of the day.

Meanwhile the Orofino/Pierce Junior Shooters started the first week in fourth place eight birds behind the leading club at Troy/Deary. All Junior members are provided two rounds for free along with two boxes of shells. This is a great opportunity for the young people interested in the sport. The veteran members of the club are more than happy to pass on their knowledge to the area youth.


25- Bob Zinn and Jim Nasados; 24- Mike Clay, Chris Stevens, Mike Lacey, and Jack Kelly; 23- Johnathan Wicks, JD McCarthy, Jeff Wicks, Amy Powers, Sonny Lage, and Levi Bradley.


Amy Powers 23; Jenne Lacey 16.


Johnathan Wicks 23; Alex Powers and Steven Bradley 22; Hunter Litchi and Tucker Stevens 21; Bruce Bradley 18.


24- JD McCarthy and Chris Stevens; 23- Bruce Bradley; 22- John Larson, Clayton Larsen, and Sonny Lage; 21- Jeff Wicks and Corey Medley.


Mike Lacey 48; Bruce Bradley and Johnathan Wicks 43; Chris Stevens and Mike Powers 42; Corey Medley 40.

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