Athletes, teams and coaches from several area high schools, the University of Idaho and Lewis-Clark State College were announced as winners on Saturday, April 25 for the annual North Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame awards.

The organization honors District I-II high school athletes, coaches and teams for their outstanding play, along with the athletes, coaches and teams from Idaho, LCSC and North Idaho College. The awards cover the 2019 academic spring season and the 2019-20 academic fall and winter seasons.

Nominations for each category are reviewed by the hall of fame committee, which selects finalists for each category. A winner is then selected.

The following is a list of the area’s finalists for each award. Winners are in bold:

Boys’ golf

Bryden Brown, Moscow

Girls’ golf

Makena Rauch, Moscow

Boys’ track (Class 1A-3A)

Cooper Hewett, Kendrick; Eric Perry, Orofino

Girls’ track (Class 4A-5A)

Jennah Carpenter, Lewiston

Girls’ track (Class 1A-3A)

Cassidy Lustig, Kendrick

Boys’ tennis

Austin Gomez, Lewiston; Derek Wendt, Moscow; Trayse Mangun, Clearwater Valley

Girls’ tennis

Chloe Dame, Grangeville

Softball (Class 4A-5A)

Samantha Mader, Lewiston

Softball (Class 1A-3A)

Nicole Sparano, Orofino; Megan Brocke, Kendrick; Mikacia Bartosz, Genesee

Baseball (Class 4A-5A)

Tyson Wallace, Lewiston

Baseball (Class 1A-3A)

Chase Adkison, Grangeville; Brayden Turcott, Orofino; Kyle Lynas, Potlatch

Boys’ soccer

Nikko Vega, Lewiston; Evan Odberg, Moscow

Boys’ cross country

Caden Byrer, Lewiston; Korben Bujnicki, Moscow

Girls’ cross country

Laurel Hicke, Moscow

Volleyball (Class 4A-5A)

Peyton Claus, Moscow

Volleyball (Class 1A-3A)

Trinity Teel, Orofino; Lindsey Kwate, Troy; Morgan Blazzard, Troy; Eliza Olson, Kendrick

Football (Class 4A-5A)

Chad Redinger, Moscow

Football (Class 1A-3A)

Zack Forsmann, Grangeville; Cole Martin, Prairie; Derik Shears, Prairie; Dillon Sperber, Genesee; Chase Burke, Kendrick

Boys’ swimming

Isaac Pimentel, Moscow

Girls’ basketball (Class 1A-3A)

Camden Berger, Grangeville; Grace Sobotta, Lapwai; Mya Brown, Kendrick

Boys’ basketball (Class 1A-3A)

Titus Yearout, Lapwai; Will Casebolt, Logos

Wrestling (Class 4A-5A)

Tristan Bremer, Lewiston

Wrestling (Class 1A-3A)

Kelton Saad, Potlatch

Girls’ high school team of the year (Class 1A-3A)

Kendrick softball, Troy volleyball, Lapwai basketball

Boys’ high school team of the year (Class 1A-3A)

Prairie football, Potlatch baseball

Girls’ high school coach of the year (Class 1A-3A)

Morgan LeBlanc, Kendrick softball; Deborah Blazzard, Troy volleyball; Ada Marks, Lapwai basketball

Boys’ high school coach of the year (Class 1A-3A)

Ryan Hasselstrom, Prairie football; Jim Shepherd, Potlatch baseball

Girls’ athlete of the year (Class 1A-3A)

Lindsey Kwate, Morgan Blazzard, Mya Brown.

Boys’ athlete of the year (Class 4A-5A)

Cruz Hepburn, Lewiston; Chad Redinger, Moscow

Boys’ athlete of the year (Class 1A-3A)

Titus Yearout, Cooper Hewett

Female athlete of the year

Tori Edwards, LCSC volleyball; Sophie Hausmann, Idaho golf; Marianna Petrei, Idaho tennis

Male athlete of the year

Cole Olsen, LCSC cross country/track; Darren Trainor, LCSC baseball; Jeff Cotton, Idaho football; Trevon Allen, Idaho basketball

Women’s team

of the year

Idaho basketball

Men’s team of the year

LCSC cross country, LCSC basketball

Women’s coach

of the year

Jon Newlee, Idaho basketball

Men’s coach of the year

Mike Collins, LCSC cross country; Austin Johnson, LCSC basketball

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