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We ask print subscribers to pay a little more to receive both online access and the paper in the mail. This is called a combo subscription.

IMPORTANT: If you are a current print subscriber (i.e. are currently receiving the paper in the mail), please DO NOT sign up for an “online subscription.” You will be paying almost twice the combo rate, and this is not what we want for you! A combo subscription is specially priced for those who want the paper mailed to them AND complete online access. “Online subscriptions” are for people who want online access ONLY.

The YEARLY price for a combo subscription is as follows:

If you live in Clearwater County, Peck, Lenore, or Kamiah

$53.40 regular price

$46.90 for age 60+

If you live anywhere else

$63.80 regular price

$59.90 for age 60+

If you are a current print subscriber and wish to add online access, please choose the combo rate that applies to your location and age (seniors age 60+ get a discount!), and submit your payment information. We will charge you the small extra amount to add online access, and you will be able to access to all of Next time your subscription is due, you can simply renew at the full combo rate for as long as you wish to have online access.

Q: How much more does it cost to have online access with my print subscription?

A: Not much! Here are the per month price breakdowns for adding online access with your print subscription:

If you pay the regular yearly rate for Clearwater County, Peck, Lenore, or Kamiah, you pay an additional $.95/month for online access. If you’re age 60+, it’s only $.83 more per month.

For those living anywhere else, you pay an additional $1.15 per month at the regular yearly rate. For age 60+, it is $1.08 more per month.

If you are still uncertain about the way a combo subscription works, or simply wish to speak with a human being, please give us a call at (208) 476-4571, from 9 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday. (If you prefer, e-mail, and let us know a good time to call you.) We’ll be happy to help you get set up with online access!

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