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Jaimie Binder age 11, 6th grader at Timberline Schools got her first Bull Elk on the second day of hunting season while out with her dad. Her dad had this to say about the hunt; “We walked into the area right after daylight and started cow calling. A short time later, we got cow calls back and then a bugle. A few minutes after that we heard something coming through the brush and a minute later the spike stepped out. He was standing behind a tree, I cow called again and he moved another 10-15 yards closer but still behind a tree. I cow called again and then he walked right out into the open in front of us and Jaimie placed a beautiful behind the shoulder shot, through both lungs. The bull ran a short distance and expired.” Proud parents are Brandon and Nikki Binder of Pierce. Congratulations Jaimie!

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