Obit Sherry Melinda Alford

Sherry Alford

Sherry Melinda Alford (Stoner) passed away during the early week of August 30, 2021. She was born June 28, 1967 in Orofino, Idaho, and moved many times in her life with the majority of her childhood spent between Arizona and Idaho.

She is currently survived by her three children, and her two sisters. Michelle and Roxanne. She moved between Pierce, Idaho and Arizona as a child, returning to Idaho eventually to meet Ronald Allen Martin, whom she married and had two children, Jessica Nicole and Ryan Allen.

Through providence, her sister Michelle was married to a sailor who was friends with Craig Stoner, whom Sherry would later marry and give birth to her other child, Joshua Craig.

Preceded by her father, mother, and two brothers, her life was neither a sprint nor a marathon but rather a dodge through an artillery field. There is nothing that can be printed that would explain the totality of her life, but the testimony of those that knew her know that, despite her faults, she was adamant in her beliefs about parenting, morality, and spirituality.

As her child, I am writing this saying that my mother was: neither a feminist, nor one that would tolerate chauvinism; neither a “Holy Roller” nor one that tolerated taking the Lord’s name in vain; she would not tolerate inappropriate things on television but when it came down to the gory...when she was studying and became an EMT and then eventually a nurse, her books were open to read and she loved to explain.

Throughout her life, the one thing that never faltered was her love and devotion to her kids. No matter her circumstances, she would put herself second to listen and/or offer support. She also maintained her West Coast spirit, loving to hunt, fish, and camp off the grid, miles and miles into the mountains.

A cremation has taken place and a celebration of life will be held at Jollymores on September 25, at 1 p.m.

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