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Jess Roeder

Jess Roeder, age 66, passed away peacefully on Dec. 31, 2021 at his daughter’s home due to continued strokes. Jess was born on Feb. 8, 1955 in Boise, Idaho along with his identical twin brother. His family moved all around the Pacific Northwest before settling down in Kamiah, Idaho. Kamiah is where he went to school and worked and played, swam, and fished with his brother along the banks of Lolo Creek at his family’s ranch.

Jess was a very hard worker and had a strong work ethic. He worked for several years as a mechanic and welder for Clearwater Equipment in the 1970’s. He then spent over 10 years working overseas in Africa for Morrison-Knudsen and had the distinction of being their youngest ever superintendent of his department. During that time, he also traveled and explored many different countries. Jess was part creator and owner of his business, J.R. Machine and Equipment in Orofino. He called Orofino home and would live the rest of his life there. Jess was a machinist and a very gifted heavy equipment mechanic.

Jess enjoyed cars and music and learned to play the guitar at a young age. As he got older, he enjoyed cooking, especially with his pressure cooker. His signature dish was ham hock and beans, which were delicious. He also liked to home can. He loved nature and the woods. He also enjoyed talking about politics and watching movies about history and wars.

He had a quick wit and humor and always made his daughter and son-in-law laugh. Jess loved and cared for animals. Most of all, Jess loved his cats and his dog, Girl. Girl and Jess loved each other very much. Jess was a very intelligent man that liked to live a simple life.

Jess was preceded in death by his parents (Julius and Dorothy Roeder) and siblings, Richard and Lorraine Roeder.

He is survived by his two children, David Lee Roeder and Tawnya Sue Roeder. Tawnya’s husband Mike Burke, and his grandchildren: Trinity Storm Burke and Cannon Michael Burke. He is also survived by his sweet dog, Girl. He will be missed by them all so much. We will especially miss him saying “hey kiddo”.

Jess is also survived by his twin brother, Jerry Jay Roeder and his wife Shanna Roeder. His nephew, Darrin Roeder (Leslie), Darrin’s son Damion Roeder, and his two young boys.

To Jess’s friends and neighbors of the Grangemont community, Thank You so much for being there for him. Your kindness and support allowed him to remain in ‘the snowbanks’ for as long as he possibly was able.

Celebration of Life to be announced at a later date.

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