Obit George Carpenter

George Carpenter in 1977

George Carpenter, a longtime resident of Clearwater County, died on April 25, 2019, at Syringa Chalet in Blackfoot, Idaho.

George was born on June 14, 1936. He grew up in Oregon and graduated from high school in Hillsboro. One of his classmates remembers him as “very intelligent and highly popular with a large circle of friends. George never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was just an all-around nice guy.”

After high school George joined the army where he served in Korea in the demilitarized zone just as that conflict was ending. Upon discharge he journeyed to France with a desire to learn the language.

In 1961 he moved to Oakland, CA and enrolled at UC Berkeley where he studied philosophy. It was during this time that George began a lifelong love of guitars going on to craft several of his own.

When he returned to central Oregon he learned the practical skills of logging, hunting, and observing nature which served him the remainder of his life.

In 1969 he hitchhiked to Mexico with his guitar. There he met a girl, Pat, who would be his wife and who traveled to France with him where they lived for a time picking grapes in the French vineyards.

They eventually settled in Idaho buying a 180 acre ranch near Orofino, where both of their daughters, Riana and Novella were born.

The marriage ended in divorce and George moved from the ranch, ending up in a small cabin where he became more reclusive, making his living by salvaging firewood from logging operations. During this time George would sometimes make his way to Arizona for respite from the harsh Idaho winter climate.

He is remembered in the Orofino Community as an eccentric character who enjoyed the local library and playing pool. He was seen many times singing as walking down the street.

George is survived by his two daughters, Novella, California, and Riana, France, and their partners as well as two granddaughters. To read more about George, please read his daughter, Novella Carpenter’s book, “Gone Feral”.

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