OBIT Ernestine Ball

Ernestine Ball

Ernestine (Harvey) Ball was born in Harrisburg, Idaho, April 13, 1923 to Lilly and Ora Harvey. She lived in Harrisburg until the age of five. After that, her family moved to Kamiah, Idaho where she lived until 1935. After that, the family moved to Orofino, Idaho where Ernestine spent the rest of her school years.

Ernestine rode horses in her younger years.

Ernestine married Harold Ball in 1941. They built a home in Pierce, Idaho where they had three children and lived there until 1965.

After that, they moved to Weippe, Idaho where they built a home. Ernestine worked at the plywood mill at JP near Headquarters, Idaho for eight years to help pay off their home. She was not afraid to do what needed done.

Once while working on an electrical outlet something went wrong and sparks flew. Harold told her she almost fried her bacon that time.

Harold passed away in the summer of 1988. Ernestine lived in Weippe in their home for about two more years and then moved to La Grande, Oregon to be near her son Roger and his wife Tisha Ball.

Ernestine met Lon Northcutt after a few years in La Grande. She lived and traveled with Lon for seventeen years. She had her picture in the paper a few times, as she was an excellent dancer. She and Lon danced and entertained at assisted living homes.

Ernestine moved into Valley View Assisted Living where she lived until she passed on December 27 at the age of 97. She had very good care by the owner Lisa Nice; many thanks to Lisa.

Survivors include Reggie Ball of Orofino, Idaho and Roger and Tisha Ball of Cove, Oregon. Harold and Ernestine also had a daughter, Maxine Gorley, who passed away in 1993.

Ernestine was an excellent seamstress and made the most professional looking clothes for her grandkids. She had her grandkids stay with her where they learned things about life that only a grandma could teach them.

She was an organizer by design, and if you had a room that needed organized and let her at it, it would be immaculate when she was done.

She was quite the carpenter as well, building shelves and cabinets for storage. She always had the most beautiful flower gardens. Ernestine once transplanted wild ferns from the woods to her rock garden at her home. They were beautiful.

Ernestine will be missed, but her memories will live on and blessed are the lives she touched. She will be in a better place with her Heavenly Family and passed on family members.

There will be no services.

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