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Ella Joyce

Ella Joyce died Jan. 22, 2021, at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, ID.

Ella was born February 28, 1937 in Orofino, ID, to John and Thelma Stevens (McPherson).

Ella started school in Pierce and attended several schools over the years as her mother, Thelma McPherson was a school teacher. She graduated in Bliss, ID.

After being a camp cook for Potlach and outfitters she moved to Montana and met the love her life, Walter Joyce. They lived on a ranch and raised three children, Mike, John and Tanna.

The boys began boxing and she became a boxing coach, judge and the first female referee in the state of Montana and ran the boxing club for many years.

Walter’s health began to fail and after selling the ranch Ella went back to school and became an LPN and worked in healthcare the rest of her career.

Ella moved back to Idaho after Walter died, to be close to her family. She relocated to Orofino where she worked until she retired. One of the highlights of her nursing career is that she got to help deliver her grandson Patrick. After several years she moved in with her daughter, where she was cared for until her death.

Ella is survived by her sister, Carol (Fred) Brown, her children, Mike (Marcy) Joyce, John Joyce with his children, Shaw (Kaite), Ian and Soloman and Tanna Joyce and her son, Patrick. She has one great grandchild, Kane, and many nieces, nephews and cousins. She also “adopted” a couple of kids that she called her own, Todd Wilson and Heather MacDonald.

Ella had a great love of the outdoors, camping, fishing, horses and family. She will be greatly missed by many.

A memorial service will be held a later date.

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