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Elbert “Bert” Snyder

Elbert “Bert” Snyder passed away Sunday, October 31, 2021 at the age of 89. He was born on December 14, 1931 in the Clearwater Hospital which is now the parking lot of the Clearwater County Courthouse. He was one of two sons of Eldon and Rosella Snyder. He was just one year apart of his brother Maurice.

Bert graduated in 1950 from Orofino High School and was the last survivor of the Maniacs Championship Basketball Team. He spent two years in the Army, graduating from radio school as an intermediate radio operator. His company was readying to go to Korea when the Korean War ended and they were shipped to Fort Wachuka, AZ. where he finished out his tour.

Once he finished his tour, Bert returned back to Orofino to work at the Sheer Lumber Co.

However, when the mill burnt down, Bert decided to enroll in Kinman Business College and worked part-time as a bellhop at Parson’s Hotel in Spokane.

In the fall of 1956, Bert returned back to Orofino and worked for the family business, Snyder’s Clothing Store.

He then joined the fire department in 1957, was elected as the fire chief in 1965 and served until 1978.

He had two sons from his first marriage, Craig (deceased) and Tom Snyder.

In 1972 he met Angie, the love of his life and they married in 1974.

Although he enjoyed his hobbies of hunting and fishing, Angie brought on new experiences such as snow and water skiing.

In 2014, Bert met his only daughter (which he referred to as his “Dot”) Lisa Greene, Angie’s daughter from a previous marriage.

He is survived by his loving wife, Angie Snyder, of 49 years, son Tom (Donna) Snyder, daughter Alicia (Lisa) Greene.

He also is survived by his grandchildren Craig Snyder, Shaunna (Shaughn-spouse) Voepel, and Katie Sharp; multiple great grandchildren of Tom Snyder; Grand Dot Keanna Greene daughter of Lisa Greene; his beloved sister in-laws Young Nan (Craig) Endres, Sung Nan (Chaewoo) Pak, and brother in-law Young Kyu Lee. In addition to nephews WonJun (Joe), Jaeho (Jae), Jordan, Brian, Grant and niece Crystal.

The funeral service will be held at Pine Hills Funeral Chapel on Nov. 6, 2021 at 1 p.m. followed by the burial at Riverside Cemetery.

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