Friday morning at 7:40 Dr. Myrick W. Pullen Jr. died of natural causes; he was 103 years, six months and fives days old. He will be missed by his six children who survive him: Myrick, Ardella Culp, Bernice, Malcolm, Daniel, and Lorinda. He has eleven grandchildren, and sixteen great grandchildren. As a father and a grandfather he will be missed. He is also survived by his niece Julia Butenas his sister’s only daughter.

Myrick’s wife Julia Ardella of 64 years died in 2006. They met in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins University, married in 1942. Julia Ardella worked for Myrick as his unofficial secretary through their years in Orofino when he was the Superintendent of State Hospital North. She also served as his secretary when Myrick was in private practice in Idaho Falls in the 1970s. They both believed in serving their communities and their world.

Dr. Myrick Pullen served in the Pacific Theater with the 2nd Engineer Special Brigade 262nd Medical Battalion. While serving in the Pacific he made eight D-day landing four in New Guinea and four in the Philippines. Dr Pullen served his country proudly and honorably. He was discharged December 25, 1945. On his return to civilian life he finished his education in psychiatry in Maryland and Utah.

As the Director of Mental Health for the state of Idaho he moved Idaho from the 47th in the nation in psychiatric services to 3rd, a great accomplishment. Another accomplishment was his term as President of the Intermountain Psychiatric Association. During his long distinguished career he held many high positions but many of Dr. Pullen’s friend and colleagues called him Mike and even Dr. Mike. He was well liked by his colleagues and those who worked under his steady hand. In 1988 he returned to Orofino where he worked part time at State Hospital North and prison.

A private ceremony will be held at the grave site in Sanders Cemetery on Saturday April 6th. After the ceremony the family and close friends will celebrate his life and accomplishments at the VFW Building 330 Michigan Avenue, Orofino. The family asks that instead of donating flowers please donate to the Clearwater Valley Auxiliary, or Orofino Kiwanis Club Foundation, or VFW Post Orofino, Idaho.

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