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Dave Woods

David Worden “Dave” Woods was born Sept. 17, 1947 in Medford, Oregon to Theodore Worden “Ted” Woods and August May “May” Woods. On May 17, 2020 he decided to continue his journey in the spirit since his physical body was well used and all worn out. He’d been saying for a while that he was going to get himself a new rig in 2020. We all thought he meant one with wheels on it…

When Dave was still young his family moved to College Place, Washington and later to Southern Idaho where Dave attended grade school and high school. He was no angel child and often got into fights in school. When he was young he got beaten badly several times by older kids because he would not quit, even though he no chance of winning.

At some point his dad, Ted, decided the boy needed some formal training if he was going to get into fights all the time. David started training to be a boxer and if you ask him, he was pretty good at it. In those days fighting wasn’t frowned upon in the same way that it is today, but if you were going to fight you had better win. Let’s just say he didn’t lose many fights when he was in high school.

Dave started working at a young age. He was driving truck and hauling stuff from Idaho to the coast for his dad when he was only 15 years old. After high school he drove truck and worked construction. When he joined the Idaho National Guard in 1967 they sent him to Fort Ord, California for Basic and Infantry School training. His boxing skills came in handy there and earned him additional time for liberty.

In 1971 he was called to active duty. While waiting with a large group of guys to be shipped off to Vietnam, he and another soldier got pulled out of the group and were told they were going to be sent to Germany. Dave ended up a chauffeur for one of the Generals.

In January of 1972 Dave met Edie, a young German woman who was working at the PX at Leighton Barrack in Würzburg. They had a whirlwind courtship and were married Dec. 9, 1972. David was discharged from the Army in March of 1973 and went home to the States. Edie followed with her four year old son Michael in May of 1973. David built pole barns with his dad. Ted, family in tow. They travelled throughout the six states of the Northwest until April of 1974.

After that Dave and Edie moved to Meridian, Idaho. Dave started working for Boise Cascade building pre-manufactured homes. In June of 1974 Dave and Edie welcomed their daughter, Bianca into the world. Times got tough. Boise Cascade closed their manufactured homes division and Edie wanted to go back home to Germany so Dave re-enlisted in the Army.

The family moved back to Germany to the town of Kitzingen in May of 1975. There Dave served in the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry, part of the 3rd Infantry Division.

In 1979 they moved to Hohenfels, Germany where Dave worked in Range Patrol.

In December of 1981, they moved to Junction City Kansas. At that assignment Dave was a supply sergeant in the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley. In 1983 they moved back to Germany and lived in Uettingen, the town where Edie was born and grew up. Dave was stationed back in Kitzingen as part of the 1st & 15th.

After a couple of years he moved to 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters in Würzburg Germany where he remained until he retired. He was discharged from the Army at Ft. Lewis, Washington on Jan. 31, 1993.

After retiring from military service Dave and Edie bought a travel trailer and moved to Kamiah, Idaho to be close to their dream property adjacent to Lolo Creek. They had purchased the property in 1986 when they came home to Idaho to attend their son Michael’s high school graduation. When they got tired of living in a trailer and had determined that living in the cabin at Lolo Creek was not an option, they purchased a house in Pierce, Idaho in October of 1993.

Dave worked for the Forrest Service until he finally retired from working in 2005. Dave and Edie spent the next couple of years traveling and visiting their grandchildren.

When Edie took ill fighting a variety of ailments, Dave became her caretaker. After a heroic fight Edie died Oct. 13, 2010. It took Dave some time to work through the grief of losing his life partner, but it was his love for life and love for his family and friends that kept him moving forward. Though he could come across as ornery and cantankerous, he looked forward to every day and enjoyed visiting with his friends. His kids tried to get him to leave Pierce and move closer to where they were, but Dave loved Pierce. It was his home. It is where his friends live and where he wanted to be buried.

Dave is survived by his son, Michael Woods, daughter, Bianca Ervin and grandchildren, Tristen, Jessica, Sarah, Christopher and Arrianna; sister, Bunny Wilson; nephew, Bryon Leinberger; niece, Michelle Pukash; and several cousins.

Preceding him in death are his wife Edeltraud “Edie” Woods in 2010, his father, Ted Woods in 2002, and mother, May Woods in 2005.

A Memorial Service will be held at the Weippe Community Hall at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 27, 2020. All are welcome to come and swap stories in his memory.

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