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Alan Arneson

Alan Clark Arneson passed away on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 72 years young, at Clearwater Valley Hospital in Orofino.

He was born to Eleanor and Lawrence Arneson on July 7, 1948 at Lewiston. Growing up in Headquarters, ID with older brother, Bob, and younger siblings, Mark, Dennis and Connie. He was active in Boy Scouts of America and worked at CPTPA while young. He participated in football, and was part of the drama club at Pierce High School where he graduated in 1966.

Alan briefly attended University of Idaho, and then entered the US Navy in 1967. He was tasked to a destroyer and served a tour of duty in Vietnam where he was awarded two bronze stars for gallantry; he also had been tasked to the USS Yellowstone making a tour to the Mediterranean Sea. He was discharged in May, 1972.

He was diligent in writing back home during those tours. Our father, told him that if he didn’t write to Mom, he would get in touch with his commanding officer. Alan quickly responded that, no commanding officer communication was necessary, and the regular letters resumed. He was also a pen-pal to me, Connie. I remember writing many letters to him and getting responses. I loved getting his letters and now, appreciate the time involved with whole process.

After returning from his military service, he worked for Lawrence May delivering heating oil to many customers in the Pierce area. He also worked for Carl Nelson Logging, and eventually driving truck for Ross Triplett, where he enjoyed many long-lasting friendships with people there, especially Ross. His last career was for Idaho Department of Transportation where he retired in 2012.

Alan was married in 1993, later divorcing in 1995. He enjoyed the outdoor life, with many years of hunting, camping, and on the mining claim with his father. Being outside at the claim was his favorite time, hanging out with Dad.

Alan was also a very good card player at both pinochle and cribbage. When we gathered, pinochle was the game of choice, and he would always count out his trump in the Vietnamese language. Dennis and I would mimic his Vietnamese words in the most terrible way, and Alan would roll his eyes at us. We were very amused, however, I’m certain he was less amused at our friendly banter.

He remained active, continuing to hunt, camp and mine at his claim. His camper trailer was often out in the summer for extended times always bringing his fury companions, his cats.

Alan was preceded in death by his parents, Eleanor and Larry Arneson. He is survived by his family, Bob Arneson of Beaverton, OR; Mark (Jan) Arneson of Maryville, IL; Dennis (Debbie) Arneson of Woodstock, GA; and Connie (Tony) Nelson of Aberdeen, NC. He was also very close with nephews, Jay Arneson and Cory Arneson, of Beaverton; sister-in-law Shirley Arneson of Bay City, OR; and cousin Gayle Anderberg of Spangle, WA. Other survivors include nieces Danette (HI), Deyna (GA), Libby (WA), Tara (NC) and nephew, Bryan (TX).

Alan has been interred at Lewis Clark Memorial Gardens in Lewiston beside Mom and Dad. A memorial service will be held this summer when gathering restrictions have been eased.

We would like to thank our friends for their continued prayers through these tough times. The medical staff at Clearwater Valley Hospital showed much compassion to Alan during his last days.

Stay safe and well, friends and know that God’s got this.

Celebration of life will be at a later date.

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