Hey Everyone, get your creative juices flowing.  We are getting ready for the PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST at the Weippe Museum. All ages are welcome from adult to five years old. Bring your best work to the Museum on Wednesday, Oct. 27, from noon to 2 p.m. If this time doesn’t work for you call Sally Marks 208 435-4346 for a time to drop off. 

The pumpkins will be displayed at the Saturday, Oct. 30 trick or treat time (more info on that later). Cash prizes will be awarded to five to eight years old and nine years old to 18, then adults 18 and older.  Pumpkins will be judged and winners will be notified on Oct. 29.  In 2019 we had some awesome work on the carvings for all ages. 

We hope to have that many and more this year.  Adults do your thing and kids hand pick your pumpkins at the stores or go to a pumpkin patch and get one to decorate. Get crazy and have lots of fun doing it, but be safe with the knives to crave your pumpkin.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and yummy fall foods like stews and soups. Hunting season is open in our area now, so good luck in filling your tags. Be safe and know your back stop. In my book there is nothing like a deer steak dinner.

Watch for my news article in the Clearwater Tribune to inform you of upcoming events in October and November. Trick or treating, Hilltop Heroes for Veterans and bake food sale? Let’s all hope this Covid thing slows down so we can have some events for the remainder of this year. Stay safe and keep your powder dry.

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