Hello there to you all! It’s been another week full of everything under the sun. School is in full swing for all those kiddos out there, homeschool or public. We are getting heavy into sports and activities as well as 4-Hs and FFA getting ready for all the fair festivities.

I wish all well and good luck to you who are participating and a special pat on the back and kudos to the parents too!

This week there was a home volleyball game but I regret to inform everyone that I was unable to attend because of an emergency at home. I’m one hundred percent sure that our girls did their best and pushed the envelope on another riveting game and gave Kendrick a real run for their money.

On Sept. 9 volleyball goes to Clearwater Valley High in Kooskia. The bus leaves at 4 p.m. and game starts at 6 p.m. On Sept. 10 we have junior high girls’ basketball at Orofino and starts at 4:30 p.m.

Volleyball versus Logos is here at 6 p.m.

Lastly football is at Prairie High in Cottonwood.

Now for Sept. 12, junior high football versus LC starts at 4:30. Junior high girls’ basketball versus Highland starts at 4:30 as well.

Finally for Sept. 14, junior varsity volleyball tournament is at Grangeville.

Cross country goes to Beachview Park in Clarkston, bus leaves at 7 a.m. and meet starts at 10 a.m. Just an extra heads up to all those students and student athletes school pictures and sport pictures are on the 18th so make sure you’re dressed to impress and those uniforms are cleaned and ready to go!

Other happenings on our own little hilltop… the dump? People don’t really talk about this stale subject much. It was brought to my attention that about a month ago there had been talks of closing the public dump here in Weippe. Why, do you ask? That’s a good question.

Sources say that the current cell for the land fill is totally full and no real room left at all. So, what happens now?

The commissioners and other entities at play are currently trying to answer that question now. They have Monday morning meetings and this is one of the things up for discussion.

One option could be to open a new cell which in its own right can bring up problems, another is to have dumpsters brought in and then haul them out as they get full, and who knows what other options they might think of. All options do come down to one bottom line unfortunately, money.

How did things get to be at this point? For a start in the past five years they have seen an increase of cardboard alone triple. Patrons went from roughly twenty five people three times a week to forty five to fifty. More and more people have moved to our area and some things have not grown or been updated with that. In one day there were new families from Oregon, Wisconsin, and Montana all using the facility.

In my humble opinion, that’s quite a spread for our growing little town.

On Sept. 6 the crushing rig from LC Recycling came in to crush and bundle all the scrap metal that had accumulated for the past two years. I don’t know if you had seen the pile we had there but I thought it was quite impressive.

Which brings another point home at least to this columnist, has our society made our world disposable? The short answer I would have to say, yes it has. Vehicles, appliances, and other items were considered one time purchases and now you can’t get parts to repair or if it breaks down in a year you just buy another because warranties have ran out.

The other side of that token, for example, is recycling.

Recycling plastics is exponentially more expensive than creating new bottles and plastics for products and that increases cost of otherwise cheap items. We as a society need to decide which one is a higher price to pay.

On a positive note for the here and the now our local dump is to remain open.

How about something to put a smile on your face? A woman called her local paper to tell them that she had just given birth to eighteen children. The reporter not quite hearing what the woman had said asked, “Can you repeat that?” “Not if I can help it,” replied the woman.

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