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ICCU steps up with a generous donation to help White Pine Rebekah Lodge in sponsoring the Weippe Food Pantry. Shown (l to r) are Teresa Root, Loni Bower, Vickie Jorgenson, Christine Brown, Karla Beddingfield, and Christina Supak.

Weippe Food Pantry

In October of 2018, Vickie Jorgenson was contacted by a local community member asking her if the members of White Pine Rebekah Lodge would be willing to be the sponsor organization for the monthly Weippe Mobile Food Pantry. After Vickie made calls to members, the group agreed to be the sponsor organization.

The original plan was to hold the food pantry in the Lodge Hall. Unfortunately, this was not possible because the food is delivered on 4’ x 4’ pallets, which would have to be unloaded and packed into the building. So, for the first month the Hilltop Senior group agreed to let them set up in the parking lot.

The following month they met with county officials, city council and state officials in an attempt to find a location. It was with great luck and appreciation that the Weippe Fire Department Board, along with the fire chief, agreed to let us use their building.

Now that they had a home they thought all was well. This was not the case because as the individual food boxes are filled someone has to pack them thru the line and sometimes out to the individual’s car.

These food boxes can weigh up to 50 pounds once loaded. They were lucky to get help with this for a couple of months using cadets from the Idaho ChalleNGe Youth Academy, and also got help one month from the Timberline High school Basketball team.

But a long-term solution was needed, so working with Teresa Root at Idaho Central Credit Union, Vickie put together a request for funds to purchase garden carts for packing the food through the line and out to the cars. On July 2, Teresa Root from ICCU presented a check in the amount of $300 to White Pine Rebekah’s for the purchase of carts.

This donation was given to the Rebekahs under ICCU’s Community Care program. This is a way of giving back to the communities they serve by helping to make them a better place to live and work. This generous and much needed donation will assist all of those people in our community who receive help through the mobile food pantry.

Thank you ICCU for your help and support for this project. Thanks to Vickie for providing this information.


The Rodeo committee met last Friday at the rodeo grounds.

Treasurer’s report:

Franci submitted the treasurer’s report, checking account balance $18,170.88, all bills are paid.

Queen Wrangler Report:

Angel unable to attend meeting. Queen Shelby reported on the two most recent rodeos, Grangeville and Winchester where the girls were able to wear the chaps that Angel made.

Mike Bird reported that Angel and her daughters Savannah and Rachel along with Shelby worked diligently to put the chaps together and they all deserve a huge thank you!

Some help is needed working the arena. All suggestions welcome.

Discussion was held on new signage. Molly reported that we only have two more event sponsorships to fill. Paint has been purchased. Sanding on the bleacher framing needs to be finished so Ed can paint it. Shelby turned in more ad sales money. So far Shelby has sold over $2,000 in program ads.

Looking for people who are interested in riding in the grand entry and running a short pattern like we did last year? We need riders AND we need an adult who can oversee this project. Contact me ASAP! Molly Stanley, (208) 435-4905 mollystanley@yahoo.com.

Work nights continue EVERY Friday! Next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 9 and will be a potluck.

Farmer’s Market and Community Yard Sale

The first Farmer’s Market of the season will be Friday, July 19, 3 to 5 p.m. It is also the annual Community Yard Sale, which starts at 9 a.m. There is no charge for the yard sale space. Both activities are to be set up at Weippe Mini Park.

Timberline winner

McKenzie Morris is the winner of the Show and Shine scholarship for Timberline. She is also salutatorian of the 2019 Timberline graduating class. Congratulations to McKenzie!

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