Nickerson - Sheriff for online

Law enforcement are shown at the entrance to a driveway Tuesday on Neff Road, off of Crow Bench Road, located on Upper Fords Creek Road in Orofino. According to Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz, “On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies, served a Writ of Ejectment at 139 Neff Road, Orofino. The writ was from case number CV 18-18-0408 in Clearwater County and was to remove defendants and all of their goods from the property. The defendants in the case are Donna and Charles Nickerson and Does 1-10 inclusive, including all unknown persons in possession of real property at 139 Neff Road.” The statement from the sheriff stated Donna Nickerson had repeatedly made statements about the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office having to shoot her to get her off of the property. The press release went on to say, “As of 2:30 p.m. Tuesday all persons had been removed from the property with one unidentified female arrested for trespassing. Personal property is currently being removed and put into storage.” According to a website established by the Nickerson family,, the family alleges they are being targeted for their religious beliefs. They accuse J.P. Morgan Chase Bank of an alleged “terrorist attack against their family.” The Nickersons allege the bank is attempting to take their property without due process. The family is in the middle of a similar dispute in Montana, according to their website.

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