Following in her family’s footsteps, 17 year old Anna Stroup is clear about her mission in life and has already taken great strides to get there.

Youngest of three children, Anna was home schooled until just last year, when she and her brother attended public school for the first time.

Up until that time, Anna’s mother taught her children at home. Ruth Stroup was also an EMT and volunteered with Clearwater County Ambulance Service (CCAS).

Following a seven year battle with metastatic breast cancer, Anna’s mother died in August of 2016. The loss has only seemed to make Anna more determined than ever to reach her goals.

“I’ve always been drawn to the medical field,” begins Anna, “I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a nurse for a long time. My favorite toy as a child was my grandfather’s little toy ambulance that called things out like ‘En route’ or ‘stand down,’ when you pushed the button.”

Anna’s grandparents, Nick and Ronda Rhoads, each have been EMT’s for over 20 years.

Anna has already earned her CNA and EMT certifications and she’ll tell you she has learned from one of the best - her grandfather was her instructor for the EMT class.

After talking with her father, Dennis, her grandparents, her principal and teachers, Anna was permitted to make calls with CCAS one day a week, when they needed an extra pair of hands this past year. “My grandparents have been so supportive, and the community really helped me to acquire the ‘hands on’ experience,” said Anna.

She shares that her mother taught her that “hard work gets a person the furthest. You can’t get anywhere without hard work.”

Anna doesn’t hold back when it comes to hard work. She plans to attend nursing school after she graduates from high school. Although LCSC has a great program, she has her heart set on attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University, where both of her parents went to school.

Another interesting bit of information in this story is that Anna shares her mother’s call-in number with CCAS, No. 738. Instead of retiring Ruth’s call-in number, Anna said her grandfather asked if she would want it. There was no question about it. It was just meant to be.

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