Clearwater Serenity

Josef and Kathryn Chamberlain are officially open for business at Clearwater Serenity (formerly Radio Shack) on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The shop offers CBD oils and tinctures, hemp clothing and a variety of teas and baked goods. Local and regional artists are featured throughout with original artwork, jewelry and wood carvings available.

With the word of several new businesses springing up, I was surprised to learn that there were several of which I wasn’t aware. In fact, a recent visit to City Hall for a list of new businesses reveals 30 businesses have opened between Jan. 1 and mid-September of this year, and remain open.

This week I thought we’d go through the list, and feature other new businesses in the weeks to follow.

On Johnson Avenue there are six new businesses. Starting from the intersection of Michigan and Johnson and continuing up Johnson towards Canada Hill: Cassidy Rist Beauty Services at 125 Johnson Ave.; the Wannigan Gift Shop (and BBQ in the near future) at 152 Johnson Ave.; Progressive Jui Jitsu of Idaho at 160 Johnson; Clearwater Serenity at 162 Johnson Ave.; Hub International, LLC, replaces Walrath’s Insurance at 163 Johnson Ave.; and new ownership of Elite Repeats at 211 Johnson Ave.

There are 10 new services to include Atmosphere Construction with contractor James Alldrin; Clearwater Services and Construction with contractor Shawn Miller; Daryl Donovan Renovations; E.J. Plank Co.; Alex Halle and Sons; Northwest Trinity Construction with contractor Shawn Sherman; (Christopher) Krei Painting LLC; (Andrew) Hunt’s Anodizing; (Jason) Phillips Plumbing; and Spokane Roofing Company with Heather Hart.

Whipples Feed Store at 447 College Avenue is now owned by Dana Boccasini.

We have two new pharmacies. Arnzen’s Glenwood Pharmacy moved into the former Glenwood Pharmacy site at 1105 Michigan Ave. Clearwater Canyon Pharmacy owned by Andy Pottenger, also opened at 13020 Hwy. 12.

Home occupations to have begun this year are: Michael Miles Creations by Jessica Pollock; Readings and Rootwork with Tracy Barajas; TnT Management with Tony Teel; and J. Bowen Photography by Jacglen Bowen.

Of three new eating establishments, two existing businesses have new owners. They are CJ’s Pizza (formerly Hoppers) at 11330B Hwy. 12, owned by Chris and Jennifer Partee, and The Dog House I at 245 Main St. owned by Michelle Edwards.

The Wannigan mentioned above hope to have the barbeque restaurant portion open in the near future.

Three new vendors have purchased licenses: Hermilio Angeles, The Sweet Melon Shack at 780 Michigan Ave. operated by Amber Irish; and White Inspired Ventures LLC., coffee vendor inside Clearwater Valley Hospital, operated by Sheryl White.

A business by the name of “Idaho Outdoor Group” and run by Kay Thornton has opened inside Stone Mountain Bow Strings.

I’ll be looking forward to learning more about the list above.

This Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5 happen to be the grand opening for Clearwater Serenity from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and I had the opportunity to get a preview of what’s in store!

Most recently from Leavenworth, WA, Josef and Kathryn Chamberlain are fairly new to the area and fell in love with the countryside and the community. They were ready to retire, but not fully. They took notice of the businesses that had closed and wondered what services they could offer the community.

Josef said he had used CBD oil for his knees and for his dog’s ailments for quite some time and used to have to travel out of town/state to buy it. He learned that some sources were unreliable, as far as ingredients, and were often not as strong or effective for pain relief.

Going online, Josef discovered CBD products (THC free) from Snake River Solace, made in Idaho and legal in Idaho. Clearwater Serenity now offers Hemp CBD No THC oral tinctures as well as topical sprays and oils in various strengths, there’s even one for pets.

In addition to CBD oils, the shop has many other items to offer. A line of hemp T-shirts and socks are available and Kathryn is busy creating her own original hemp apparel.

Josef shares that hemp is unique in that when woven into fabric it is naturally antibacterial, which also inhibits odors.

The shop has a daily tea sampling and sitting area in which to relax. Fresh baked bread and other goodies baked by a few of Kathryn’s friends will be delivered on Mondays and Fridays.

Original artwork, and jewelry are on display and for sale, made by local and regional artists. Custom wood engraved signs are available, made by Joe Armstrong-Nelson in Harpster.

Josef also shows me the area to display the work of young entrepreneurs. The Grimshaw brothers currently have European skull mounts of deer for sale. The Chamberlains said they saw many awesome projects made by kids at the fair who displayed great talent and craft. “We want to encourage young people to take an interest in business” said Josef.

“Typically our hours will be 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 or 6 p.m.” adds Josef, “Our Saturday hours will be a little shorter until we create a little more traffic on Saturdays. Right now the only businesses open downtown on Saturday are the Wild Hare and Elite Repeats. We hope we can help change that.

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