What a wonderful community

Belinda Stockton, Kennedy Howell, and Iola Plank hold a check for the Clearwater Valley Hospital & Clinic Wishing Tree, located at CVHC 301 Cedar, Orofino in front of the waiting room. Please return gifts by Monday, Dec.16.

Words cannot express the overpowering feeling of joy and appreciation I have to everyone one of you that donated, supported, purchased, and participated at my fundraising event for the CVHC Wishing Tree!

I am truly blessed to live in this community that comes together for those in need, and has loving, giving and caring people like you that make that happen. I could not have done it without you! I am still overwhelmed by the overwhelming support and generosity of everyone. Together we raised $4081.00!

Even with this, CVHC Wishing Tree Committee still needs the community’s help. Every star is a child in need. They average 100 or more local children during the holiday season and find that with the unstable economic times, this number seems to continue to rise.

“The funds Kennedy has raised will significantly help us. Sometimes we have to supplement shop, as many times one child in the family is lavished with gifts and we need to “even out” the wants and needs for the remaining children in the family.

Unfortunately, we also will be using these funds to purchase items for stars that were not taken, or never returned.

Please have all gifts to CVHC by Monday, Dec. 16, as this gives us time to do this last minute shopping.” states committee members Belinda Stockton and Iola Plank.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again everyone. Together we are making children’s Christmas wishes come true!

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