Twin Ridge Clean Up crew

Pictured are some of the cleanup participants. Kneeling (l-r) Adeline Cullins, Tam White, Shiloh Cullins, John Allen, Leeland Cullins, Clint Cullins, Capri Cullins, Dee Crane, Josiah Bermudez, Carlene Badillo, Chris Ketchum, Deryl Ketchum, Glenn Crockett, Jeannie Crockett, Jarel Bruce, Nora Bruce, Megan Bruce, Reece Bruce. Standing (l-r) Denise McCormick, Ellen Tomlinson, Ed McCormick, Alma Smith, Donna Roy, Greg Isbelle, Martin Roy, Norm Fitzsimmons, Ross Triplett, Joy Triplett, Cari Myers, Adam Lynn, Marti Bennett, Terry Lynn, Bill Bennett, Sue White, Bill Smith, Phil Peterson, Vicky Peterson, Dee Steadman, Lori McDonald, Scott McDonald, John Samsky, Michelle Samsky, Johnny Samsky (not pictured, Kingsley and Pam Steinbruecker family).

The Twin Ridge Fire Department sponsored Community Cleanup event was attended by 50 residents and friends from the Fire District on Saturday, April 24. Around 500 pounds of trash was picked up along the local roads followed by an excellent, although virus protocol subdued, barbeque.

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