Last week in my “Life on the home front column”, I wrote about paying it forward and random acts of kindness. A former Clearwater Tribune employee, Tammy Lichti, stopped by the Tribune office last week to tell us about a generous act of kindness occurring in our community.

I had also mentioned in my column about the generosity of our town. This story is the perfect example of the huge hearts that live and work amongst us here in beautiful Clearwater County.

According to Tammy, her fiancé, Dan Lambert, began asking around town if the townspeople would be interested in helping Patti Hilton. Let me tell you a little bit about Patti. She works at Sunset Mart on Michigan Avenue, here in Orofino. She always greets the customers with a warm smile and friendly hello. Dan learned that Patti had a wish, for a set of dentures, so her smile could be even bigger.

According to Tammy, “Dan started asking around town if people would be interested in helping Patti get a new set of teeth. She is always so sweet and outgoing to everyone, and it was amazing how people stepped up and donated anywhere from $800 to $50.

“Several people who donated were able to show up and surprise Patti Friday night at Fury Concrete’s shop. She was so surprised and lost for words. She was still in shock the next day how a town came together and got a certificate from a local dentist, Dr. Gray.

“We are still needing donations because she will more than likely need to have surgical extractions along with her new teeth.”

An account has been set up at P1FCU in Patti’s name for anyone that would like to donate to helping Patti with a bigger smile.

The season of generosity and giving is approaching, but it seems to me that spirit lives in our community year-round.

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