The Six for Tea event honors the senior girls from Timberline Schools and the Gems from the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy. It was held at the Pierce Community Center on Sunday, April 25, at 3 p.m.

The committee chose the theme, “Old Memories and New Beginnings” for this year’s event. They provided the table decorations, the Savory and Sweet foods, and the special teas that were served with each course.

This year the committee members were Cheryl Stenzel, Donna Brown, Sherry Schlader, Amy Jared, Nichole Jared, Diane Gerot and Theresa Root. The three table hostesses were Danette Brown, Katy Brown and Melinda Davidson.

The Timberline Drama students helped set up the tables and serve the tea. They were also on hand to put the tables and chairs away and clean the Community Center. The committee sends a “Big Thank You” to them for all their help.

I was invited to sit at Nichole Jared’s table and enjoyed visiting with Rhonda Gangewer, Samantha and Addyson Stuart and Nichole and her daughter Rylee. We shared stories about the late Wes Stuart.

My interviews with the senior girls started with Emilee Widener. She will focus on classes for Art and Design, Political Science and English, to get her teaching degree.

Hannah West will attend Walla Walla Community College to get a two year Nursing Degree.

Rylee Fallwell will attend LCSC and major in a secondary English Degree.

Nadine Bear, the Gem Cadet from the Academy, will focus on finding a job.

Tyra Rebel is taking courses to become a CNA.

Aly Hart will attend the University of Idaho focusing on a Business and Marketing Degree.

Tawnee Eller plans to look for a job.

Marissa Larson plans to join the Air Force.

Theresa Root presented a slide show featuring photos of the senior girls as they grew up.

Before the Tea, Travis Thompson helped Theresa Root and Sherry Schlader pull the big screen down with a hanger taped to a long stick. The correct pole used to pull the big screen down was locked in a storage area; “Yankee Ingenuity lives on”.

Congratulations to the seniors. Graduation is your next big step as you decide what path to take in life. Good luck!

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