The success of Shindig 3 has already been noted, but the CMPL Foundation Board would like to recognize many of the unsung heroes who pitch in and donate over and over to this community, with goods, services, and many times with just out and out labor and time! We realize that many businesses in and around Orofino are asked many times over the year to donate to a certain charity or cause, and it is very seldom that donations are not forthcoming when requested.

Auction items of all kinds, as well as services which were donated  came from the following: Chuck Raddon, Orofino Physical Therapy, Ginger Rowland, Hillcrest Helicopter Service, Dr. Popovic, Terrie Alston, Doris Peterson, Johnny Stewart, John and Sandy Goffinet, Rosan Monaghan, Les Schwab, Steve and Norma Brand, Happy Day Corp., Napa Auto Parts, Kathy Thompson, Life Flight, Pareja’s Wine Cellar, Deb Norton, Alison at the Shot Glass, “Results May Vary” Band, and Clearwater Tribune.

Countless hours of volunteering have continued to keep this valuable expansion project afloat, and citizens of this county, who have observed how well the fundraising and grant writing has gone, can know that not a single penny of taxpayers’ dollars nor state or federal government money, has gone toward this campaign to enlarge Clearwater Memorial Public Library.  Hats off to library Director Cleo Castellanos, who has kept all  the library programs going, such as Valnet and all the internet services, as well as serving a larger than ever clientele base, even on a tight budget while continually expanding special services, such as “curb service “for patrons who find it difficult to get in and out of their cars. She keeps figures from year to year and has kept spending to a minimum while maintaining an excellent, patron-friendly environment. We are indeed fortunate!

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