Clo Ann McNall

My mom, Clo Ann McNall, with our family’s pug, Angus. They, along with her pug, Mary Jane, are now reunited in Heaven.

It is with a broken heart that I include my mother’s, Clo Ann McNall, obituary in this week’s issue. You may recall a previous Life on the home front column I wrote about her struggling physical heart. It took its last beat early in the morning of Sunday, Aug. 11, at her home, with my sister and I by her side.

She was not only my mother, but one of my best friends, business partner, and the grandmother and Great GiGi to my kids and grandkids.

“Clo”, as my sisters and I affectionately called her, was small in stature but huge in emotional strength. She faced adversity in her life head on. Often giving her family words of advice, she told us to never feel bad about crying, but to not let our life fall apart, because we’d end up picking up the mess when our hearts healed.

So, I will heed her words of wisdom as I grieve the loss of my beautiful mom. I will continue on, doing my best at whatever task I’m handed, but forever having an empty place in my life that she once filled.

There are too many words and stories to completely depict the person that my mom was in a weekly newspaper. Some of her life journey is shared in her obituary, but just a small portion.

I don’t know if the front page is the proper place for an “editorial” such as this, I am new to navigating a grief this deep.

So I’ll cry with the rest of my family, work hard to keep things together through this hard time, and live to honor the best mother, business partner and friend anyone could ask for. You will be forever missed, Mom.

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