Orofino Loggerxross

2019 Rekluse Orofino LoggerXross will take place Saturday, July 6 in the Orofino Lumberjack Arena at the Orofino City Park.

Some people may have already heard the rumors and whispers of what has become fact. The 2019 AMA Endurocross Series has been cancelled due to issues with the sale of the series and residuals left on 2019 series sponsorship.

Shortly after the cancellation a couple of race promoters put together a three race series of indoor only events to try to save the season for the racers and series. It is still yet to be seen if this will constitute an AMA Championship for 2019. What happens in 2020 is just about anyone’s guess!

What does that mean for the 2019 Rekluse Orofino LoggerXross? Not much. Simply we will not be televised as previously hoped. We will not be part of the AMA Endurocross Series Championship in 2019 or? Most probably never as it would appear that they are looking to head back into the INDOOR ONLY mindset for the series.

This actually creates some significant opportunities for Orofino LoggerXross LLC, MRP Racing, Webb Powersports, Mtn MotoCo., RadCross and other OUTDOOR ONLY Venues to unite and move forward with an OUTDOOR EXTREME ENDUROX SERIES that has been in the works for a couple years. 2019 has just begun and ended in some aspects. 2020 proves to be interesting to say the least.

So again what does this mean for 2019 Rekluse Orofino LoggerXross? NOT MUCH!

We are excited as always to announce the 2019 Rekluse Orofino LoggerXross will take place July 6 in Orofino Lumberjack Arena!

We will have a Rookie School featuring Destry Abbott and Cooper Abbott instructing! The class will be held on the LoggerXross Course Saturday Morning between 8 a.m. and 12 noon. Details will be announced shortly.

The course will be built to maintain the LoggerXross standard with some new obstacles to challenge the world’s best once again to beat it or be beaten! We will once again feature a Mini course to allow our young growing racers to compete on the same arena floor and under the lights at night. The Pro Men and Pro Women will compete for $10k combined purse! Amateurs will complete for Trophies and swag!

We are in the process of trying to provide a live Webcast of this year’s event but with the new expenses and timing it may not happen this year. But hopefully, no later than next year, you will be able to stream our event from any location you have internet and satellite access. More details to come shortly.

We will have the VFW Beer Garden featuring Odom Corp. Products., food vendors with just the right something for everyone, industry vendors with the latest OffRoad racing weapons, apparel, and accessories, the US Army National Guard, OCI Royalty, The Beautiful FLY LoggerXross Girls: Jordyn Howell and Kendra Campbell, plus much more!

2019 is already looking to be another LoggerXross for the books. We hope, you share this with everyone! We hope to see you all in July!

2019 Sponsorship


  • 100% of Sponsor Funds go to the Pro Purse
  • Pro Purse attracts national media coverage
  • Brings World Class events to Orofino & Clearwater County
  • Supports the VFW beer sales
  • Supports local businesses thru increased traffic and sales thru the weekend
  • All Sponsors will be allowed to place signage in arena
  • All Sponsors will be advertised on our social media page
  • All Sponsors will be mentioned during the race schedule over the two days

How can you be a sponsor for the Rekluse LoggerXross?

2019 sponsorship opportunities are as follows:

  • Gold Sponsor: $501 -1000
  • Silver Sponsor: $101-500
  • Bronze Sponsor: $0-100

They can be either cash or product.

If businesses would like to help out they can donate to our account directly at LCCU under LoggerXross.

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