Last weekend the Red, White and Boots girls attended the Clearwater County Open Horse Show at the Orofino Fairgrounds.

So what is this all about? It’s all about winning ribbons, right? Well, we went there just to practice and test our skills in preparation for the 4H-Horse show next Saturday and to sneak peek into some advanced showing.

Some of us, not having had a lot of practice due to the long winter, had issues with the 4H arena and some health problems.

We entered the arena, some of us having just loped their horses a few times, some of us have been doing it for a while and, for some of us,

it was the very first show.

Saturday was all about showing off our horses from the ground, in Halter, Showmanship and Trail classes. We learned how to approach scary objects - beach balls, umbrellas, a bridge, tarps and even bears with purple eyes!

One of the hardest obstacles was watering flowers without the horses eating them.

On Sunday, we saddled up for English, Western, Bareback and Games. In English we learned to keep a good connection with our horses. In Western all of us really got the loping down, having a lot of fun, doing what we enjoy most.

Between classes we hung out together, chatted and had a great time.

After lunch, it was time for Gymkhana games, some were team and some were single classes, some with water glasses - we all had a blast. Some of us got run over and bucked off, but we’re tough as nails!

So yes, all of us earned some ribbons, but that’s not what this is all about for us! For us it’s about gaining experience, learning new skill, approaching new things, becoming a better team and last, but not least it’s all about friendship!

That’s what we’ll show off, next Saturday at the 4H-Horse Show in Lewiston - The Red, White and Boots from Clearwater County!

Thanks to all volunteers and parents for supporting us at the show! Special thanks to Judge Stephanie Carson for all the encouragement and advice and Cassie Bansemer for organizing the show!

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