Following a presentence investigation, Daniel Alldrin, 29, of Orofino appeared in Clearwater County Courthouse for sentencing July 23, with Judge Gregory FitzMaurice presiding.

Alldrin was initially tried by a jury for first-degree murder of his 28 day old daughter Casandra Lynn Alldrin in May of 2016, resulting in a mistrial declared in November of 2018.

A second jury trial was scheduled to begin in June of 2019, but in a plea agreement, Alldrin entered an Alfred plea to the reduced charge of second-degree murder, following criminal mediation.

In a statement before the sentence was declared, Alldrin’s attorney, James Siebe reminded the court of all the inconclusive evidence to have been brought forth during the trial to discount that the child had been mistreated. Seibe implied that the injuries could have occurred as a result of many other reasons, including transport to the hospital or during any one of several surgeries upon the infant’s arrival to the hospital.

Clearwater County Deputy Prosecutor Lori Gilmore also responded, recounting one last time, horrendous details of the heinous death of Casandra Alldrin.

Gilmore asked to make a statement on behalf of the victim(s). Siebe objected that the words in the statement were not those of the mother, Serenity Grandstaff and asked that the statement not be allowed.

Gilmore was permitted to continue. She began with the first victim Casandra, then went on to describe how this crime has impacted Casandra’s mother, another victim, and her family. She added Casandra’s siblings to the list as they will never know their sister. Medical professionals and staff were also impacted to witness the condition in which Casandra arrived. Investigators, jurors, and yes the community, were all victims in this case.

Gilmore believed that Alldrin was still a threat to the safety of the community and until he had addressed his methamphetamine addiction and antisocial personality disorder he would forever be a threat.

Alldrin declined making a statement on his behalf.

FitzMaurice stated that he had followed the case and studied the presentencing investigation, to include Alldrin’s prior history with substance abuse and his behavior during the time he’s been incarcerated. He stated that he felt the sentence agreement made between the state, council, and the mediating judge was the most merciful decision for all involved. “I believe your actions in this case were related by your addiction, and whether intentional or due to being under the influence of drugs, an innocent child died and that is rather overwhelming in determining an appropriate sentence.

“I look at this case and at you, and I cannot demonize you, You are in essence an example of what happens to people, families and communities impacted by the scourge of methamphetamines throughout north central Idaho. The scourge of meth addiction that has swept through our communities has ruined many more lives than people realize.

“I agree with the sentence when I look at all the whole picture, that this is an appropriate sentence.”

Alldrin will receive credit for the 1010 days he has been incarcerated while awaiting trial. Pending criminal cases against Alldrin were dismissed. No fines were imposed. Alldrin was ordered to have no unsupervised visitations with son, B.A., as long as he is a minor.

As the long, arduous, and emotionally draining case comes to a close, Gilmore issued the following statement:

“I am pleased with the outcome and the sentence of life imprisonment with 10 years fixed imposed by Judge FitzMaurice today. This innocent child, Casandra Alldrin, died in a terrible and painful way at the hands of her father. The State has always felt it our duty to give Casandra a voice and we feel the outcome gives some justice for this child. We have been her voice all along. I hope the community can step up for Casandra as well and be her voice whenever we see abused children. Casandra still needs our help.

“It would be nice if a permanent grave marker could be obtained to replace the temporary one which still marks her final resting place.”

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