Orofino Farmers Market

Jessica Smith and Angus Hughes and their fresh produce from Bluebird Forest Garden, a new vendor at Orofino Farmers Market. Jessica is helping Angus on his farm on a work exchange program this summer.

Orofino Farmers Market turns 10 years old this year! Come help celebrate our anniversary at the market on Tuesday, July 16 in Orofino City Park, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The local band, “Results May Vary”, will be providing live music. Visitors to the market can sign up for hourly drawings of prizes to be given away at 12 noon, 1 p.m, and 2 p.m.

Also, the P.E.O. booth will be celebrating “Christmas in July” with a selection of crafts to kick-start your holiday shopping along with their wonderful baked goods. Brenda Lambright and family of the Maniac Shack will serve pork and chicken tacos and burritos through the late afternoon.

Produce season is underway with Terry White of Crescent Arrow Farm, Wilson Banner Ranch, the Howells of Sunnyside Orchards, and new vendor Angus Hughes, selling fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits.

A variety of delicious home-baked breads are provided weekly by Carlene Dawson of Duck Prairie Goods and Lillie Kleemeyer of Silly Lillie’s Family Farm. Honey, jams of all flavors, baked goods, snacks, soaps, flowers, and crafts of all varieties are always a weekly feature of our market. Also, be sure to stop by the home-school student's booths and support young enterprise.

Orofino Farmers Market was established in the spring of 2009 by a group of interested producers with the help of Clearwater County Extension and Master Gardener Ralph Roseberg. The market opened in July of that year with eight vendors and has grown each year since then. In 2018 we had a record day of 25 vendors!

In the spring of 2012, we were encouraged to be-come a self-governing group, at which time by-laws, a mission statement, a governing structure, and market rules were developed and adopted.

From the very beginning, our market’s objective has been to provide local producers, growers, and craftspeople with a place to sell their goods and at the same time, to be a benefit to consumers who want fresh, natural products.

A side benefit of our market is that we are a weekly family-friendly event through the summer for everyone to enjoy. In 2017, we gave back to the community that supports us by making cash donations to OHS and OES.

Through 2016, Ralph Roseberg continued to help run the market, providing invaluable market advice. After his “retirement” from the market, I was “elected” to take over as market manager. I try my best to make sure our vendors have success at our market and for our customers to have a good time when they come. It’s like putting on a party every week!

Current board members Margie Willis, her daughter MaryJane Fox, Carlene Dawson, Debbie Howell, and Terry White provide much-needed help and advice. Each one of our vendors works hard to bring their goods to market and we appreciate the community support of these small, family-based enterprises.

I’d like to thank the City of Orofino for letting us use Orofino City Park for our market. Not all farmers markets are so lucky to have such a beautiful, green setting!

Come to market every week and get the best in local produce, food, and products and have a great time at the park while you’re there. For more in-formation please call 208-816-1644, visit orofinofarmersmarket.com, or Orofino Farmer’s Market on Facebook.

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