Grace Kehlet, president of the Orofino Farmers Market presents kindergarten teacher Tamma Naden at Orofino Elementary School (OES) a check for $500 to be used in replanting the school garden.

In addition to endless educational benefits, the school garden helps to supplement meals over the summer for students who may not receive enough to eat at home. Fresh produce from the school’s garden grown by the students plays an essential role in promoting a healthier diet.

The OES School Garden was established five years ago and is supplying fresh and nutritious food to compliment the Summer Food Program as well as offering an outdoor classroom experience to all of the students.

Tami Wayt has been coordinating the Backpack and School Food Pantry program with the help of Mrs. Naden and Mrs. Terri Smith for the past five years. The Pantry is solely managed by the OES staff.  

This program is established inside the school and offers food needs to the students during the school year.  In kind and monetary donations are greatly appreciated for supplying the Pantry food inventory.

Mrs. Naden had the vision and inspiration to offer the Summer Food Program to the OES students four years ago. The women reached out to community volunteers and acquired funds to help support the progrqam.

Both programs are successfully meeting the needs of the district’s most critically food insecure students.  Mrs. Naden is the main contact and organizer of the garden, with the help of Mrs. Wayt when needed.

The OES Summer Food Program and the School Garden rely heavily on volunteer help as well as in kind donations and monetary support.

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