OES Garden 1

Orofino Elementary School’s Community Garden gets a hand from the Orofino Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA). Left to right: Garden volunteers Tom Battisti, Nancy Correa, Mark Correa, Gerry Minard, Pete Minard, Tami Wayt, Alan Bardavid and Dan Wayt. Seated is Gary Siefner and Bob Stifler is at the wheel of the tractor. Not pictured is Denny Day.

The Orofino Chapter of CMA, the Christian Motorcycle Association arrived at the Orofino Elementary School bright and early Friday morning to lend a hand in preparing the school garden for the crops to come, replacing the weathered flower beds and making room to include a greenhouse.

Tami Wayt hopes to establish an outdoor classroom with a bountiful community garden full of all kinds of learning opportunities for students, as well as fostering an appreciation for growing and eating vegetables. Wayt also hopes to add a sensory garden, and story time area for younger students.

In the center of the garden was a large maple tree. It provided shade, perhaps a little too much shade, but it was lovely and no one wanted to see it cut down. As the years went by, the tree was discovered to be diseased and so the maple was felled. The good news is the wood will be repurposed and made available to Mr. Savage, the shop teacher at OJSHS, for student projects.

Ryan Smathers and Chris St. Germaine were extremely helpful in helping to access funds for the materials needed from the recent Community Transformation Grant, for a one-time award of award $3,000.

Mike and Joan Mount of Green Things, and Orofino Builders Supply have also graciously donated materials for the project.

“It really is a community garden,” states Wayt, “It has been amazing to see so many people helping to make this happen.”

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