A lot of windblown snow out on the North Fork country, particularly in the high country. Close to two feet of snow at Canyon Work Center. Road 247 appears snowed in past about Copper Creek with active plowing going on to that point on Jan. 9, 2022. Three and a half to four feet at Kelly Forks Work Center. Snow is a little bit crusted and then very powdery below that. A little difficult to get around with snow shoes.

Deer and to some extent the elk seem to be somewhat restricted to being down on the river road at this point.

Four to five large slides in Black Canyon with very significant snow burying Road 250 at the slide locations. At least three slides extend well out into the river diverting the river flow to some extent. A couple of pretty small slides blocking the Road 250 down from Fix Creek, around Can Creek. A lot of the river is iced over in Black Canyon.

Road 255 up Kelly Creek from Kelly Forks has several rather small slides, perhaps five or more upstream from Junction pack bridge. Snow on the road at those slides could be six or more feet deep.

Jeannie Creek slide did come down a ways but has not made it to the 255 road so far this winter.

Three and half feet at Cayuse Landing Field. No snowmobile activity noted except right up near Hoodoo Pass.

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