Ray Aldridge

Ray Aldridge is the new owner of Konkolville Motel.

Ray and Lisa Aldridge, with their sons, ages 9 and 12, are the new owners of the Konkolville Motel and have had barely a month to settle in. The Aldridge family moved from Driggs, which is located in southern Idaho, just east of Rexburg in the Teton Valley.

“One of the attractions to this area were the warmer winters. Which I guess, can be a plus and a minus,” said Ray, “the minus being that there’s a lot less snow than we’re used to. But on the plus side we’re not in the minus zero degrees for a good part of the winter.

“We liked the area, the scenery, the river, and the reservoir.

“We haven’t really had much of an opportunity to explore as we’d like, but we will. We’re looking forward to attending some of the area’s events later. All in all, it was a good fit.

“As far as the motel, we want to continue where former owners, Joe and Sherri Chapman left off.” Visiting the property several times before making a decision to purchase the property, Ray noted the property was always clean and well kept. “Those factors were important to the Chapmans and they’re important to us.

“Other than extending the breakfast menu and adding a few other guest amenities, we have no immediate changes in mind.

“We are really happy to take on the same staff that were here with the Chapmans. They obviously knew what to do and did a great job.

There are currently four people employed at this time.

Ray has worked in the hospitality and lodging industry, serving in Controller and similar positions for a number of years. “This is the first time we’ve ever owned the property. In a way it’s familiar, but at the same time very different. So far, we like it.

“Since we started in January, when it is typically a little slower, we have had a little time to get acquainted, settle in and still have time to prepare for a busier pace this summer.”

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