Reid rafting

Reid Thomas (second standing from the right) is shown with guide trainees with Three Rivers Rafting.

Living in remote Idaho provides us with some of the best rafting opportunities in North America. The Salmon River, the Selway River and the Lochsa River, some of the most recognized rivers in the world, and they are right in our back yard.

If you have experienced the fun of rafting before, you understand the joys and thrills it brings. Driving upriver on Highway 12, you may have seen rafters or kayakers floating down the Lochsa. At first glance, you might think it is scary as opposed to thrilling or fun.

I have had the opportunity to raft since a young age, and I love and respect it.

There are plenty of risks when rafting, but with the proper equipment and knowledge, it is not any more dangerous than driving an ATV, snowmobile, or even a car!

As a junior for Orofino High School, my senior project is to work with a rafting outfitter to learn the details of a rafting company.

I also want to show the community how lucky we are to have great places to raft and how it can be done safely.

If you have never rafted, a great place to start is with a rafting outfitter company. They provide you with all the gear and guiding knowledge you need to go on a professional river trip.

A great rafting company near here is Three Rivers Rafting out of the Three Rivers Resort in Lowell.

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